Welcome to the Healing With Love course!

I am very excited to share new tools, new ways of seeing and treating yourself and your family members. But mostly I am excited to share new hope! 

But before I launch into the class format and specific tasks for you to do to get started, I want to say that I know who you are. And because I know that you are the cream of the cream; the learner, the faith-filled mother; the ultra-capable get-it-done person that others look to for guidance; I’m not going to water this down! You are here for a reason and I’m prepared to walk with you as you grow to the next level in your personal evolution.

1 Pray for help.  All significant growth, learning and healing comes through our humble, broken-hearted and contrite petition to God! He can remove our current barriers; He can give us endurance; He can clear the way for us to truly have a change of heart and lead us to experience lasting joy! 

We will be going through the sometimes intense and messy journey of transformation together and I am very honored to walk with you a fellow woman of faith! 

But I want you to know that I know, that Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith, is our ultimate Coach; our eternal and beloved Change Agent! And that we must use our agency to choose Him and His power in order to experience deep and lasting progress.

2 Exercise your faith. Ask for greater faith and for the courage to see yourself, clearly and with compassion.

3 Ask for the support of your spouse and others (parents/babysitters/friends).

4 Plan ahead to care for your family’s needs so that you can be present in class.

5 Close your eyes and envision yourself making time for listening, reading, writing and learning. 

Dedicate yourself to this learning process so that these principles can sink deep into your heart. 

Doing these practical and spiritual steps as you begin this course will set you up for a great experience!

6 Get the Telegram app. This is a simple platform where you can have ongoing communication with your classmates. Most importantly, it’s a place to practice being seen, accepted and loved! (“Wise women” are coming your way!)


The Format:

Week 1-The first week of each month you will have access to an audio class. Sometime during that week, find a time to print the slides and listen to the class. If it takes a few sittings, no problem! Or if you can listen to class multiple times while doing dishes or folding clothes, wonderful. Take notes as you can!

Start reading your books. (Maybe you started them already. If so, great!) Take notes, journal and think about what you are reading applies to you and your family.

Week 2-Print out your assignment sheet. Start watching the short video clips. Take notes. Write out your thoughts.

Keep reading your books! Read a few chapters in Real Love and then read a few in the TMS book of your choice.

Jump on the group coaching call Thursday evening and participate with your sisters; let them share in your learning as you share in theirs.

Week 3- Continue to watch your videos and read your books and write about what you are learning. Then prepare for your family’s needs so that you can join in the group coaching call Thursday evening.

Week 4- Continue reading and practicing what you are learning. Mostly at the beginning, this means a lot of prayer, repentance and humility. (At least that’s how it was for me!)

Rinse and Repeat.


Each month in Healing With Love, we have a new focus:

1 Introduction & Parenting

2 Self-Compassion & Self-Care 

3 Your Health & Home 

4 Unconditional Love in Marriage

5 Love & Friendship

6 Lewis Illustrating the Point


Participants need to purchase and read at least 3 of the following books: (Start reading ASAP!)

Real Love, by Dr. Greg Baer or Real Love in Parenting, by Dr. Greg Baer (If you are a parent, get this one! And, add to your hard copy, the audio version read by Dr. Baer, if sit-down-to-read time is tight!)

The Great Pain Deception, by Steve Ozanich (In depth read about the Mindbody Syndrome)

Healing Back Pain, by Dr. John Sarno (Short read about the Mindbody Syndrome)

The Great Divorce, by C. S. Lewis (This is a short, but incredibly important work and will be discussed in month 6. This book is also available in audio, and the two versions I have heard are masterfully performed!)


Other optional book suggestions:

Any of the many Real Love titles by Dr. Greg Baer i.e. Real Love & Freedom for the Soul; Real Love in Marriage; Real Love in Dating; etc.

The other books by Dr. John Sarno i.e. The Divided Mind; The Mindbody Prescription; Mind Over Back Pain

I Don’t Have to Make Everything All Better, by Gary and Joy Lundberg

You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought, John-Roger & Peter McWilliams 

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