What is the Point?

Hello there, I hope you are well this fine day!

Today has been a log-jam of thoughts about the big, big picture:

Thoughts about the why of all our nurturing efforts.

Thoughts about the consequences of our neglect; neglect of ourselves and the people we love and the relationships we’ve built.

Thoughts about the critical, even imperative need for our growth in order to lead our loved ones through the confusing, clamoring, crazy days of our contemporary experience.

Boiled down to a few points, some truths to consider:

-The hunger of the world is a cry for love, whether it be manifest in addiction, hatred, terror, and or all other rabid expressions of emptiness. We are learning to protect and love our families truly.

-That people and our connections to them are the only lasting experience we have, and not only lasting but also curative, because connection is the great antidote for every one of humanities ills. We become better connectors as we learn the skills of validation and Real Love.

-If we are to lift and bless the world, we will do it best through nurturing love for self and then creating strong bonds of familial love, which ripple out to become unbreakable bonds of compassion, goodness and moral excellence or virtue. We have an internal compass about right and wrong that we share with our children because we love them.

-All our efforts, large and most particularly small, are worth our best efforts! Small is deceiving, when it comes to people and nurturing, because in reality, small is big! Every day we are in the thick of these phenomenal, life-changing seemingly small things.

What else can a girl do with a pressing log-jam?

Just had to spit it out!

I truly believe that you are doing the work that is paramount to the continuation of a functioning and healthy society. You are desperately needed. You are critically important.

Please, please, please say “no” to empty distractions, time-killing drivvle and commit to use the time and energy you save to take excellent care of yourself.

You need your strength.


The mission of Lioness at the Door is to uplift, strengthen and encourage women of all ages to magnify health, hope and happiness at home. We do so boldly, with humility and gratitude for the opportunity.

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