Are you a mover-shaker?

Or do you calmly focus on details?

Are you spontaneous and random?

Or is your approach more structured and precise?

If you don’t know how to answer these questions, I’d suggest that you take a few minutes to consider them and get to know yourself a little better. This is an important idea because it can help you to know how to help yourself!

If I know that I enjoy paying attention to detail, then I can capitalize on that and create a plan for my days or for my home that reflects that kind of thoughtfulness.

However, if I know that details feel like the devil and moving at that pace feels like swimming in molasses, then with that self-knowledge, I can manage my time in chunks and take big mama steps in getting jobs done, leaving the details to someone else if at all possible.

If precision is important, I know I don’t want to be haphazard about my direction or about how a job is done and finished so that I don’t constantly feel failed in the things I’m trying to accomplish.

Thrive on spontaneity?

Then there can be a loose plan, supportive with variety and change, including a zero-comparison policy to my sisters who may be living in a completely different pattern.

I bring this all up because in our goal this month to become aware of the problem spots in our home environment that we’d like to address, personal style can become an issue!

Do you ever feel badly about yourself as you see the way someone else is moving forward?

Being more self-aware can assist you in relaxing the expectations you have of yourself, at least in not trying to force yourself into working in the style you might be observing and possibly admiring in someone else.

We are all so blessedly different aren’t we?

I know that if I approach a job with too much attention to detail, I’ll lose interest before I even begin. Detail = boredom to me. Or, if I have to be extremely precise or measured, I’ll feel bogged down to the point of paralysis. I want to jump in and create things as I go! Take a few minutes for details, measure less than eyeball where things need to go and then cross that task off my list!

For years I compared myself to those close to me who love and are good at precision, and in doing that, I felt failed most of the time! How I wish I had known that my way of approaching things was valid and valuable too. {Comparison, especially without self-knowledge is such a faulty measure!}

Some people want a house that is simple, sparingly furnished and may be good at making decisions to keep it that way.

Some want collections and color and may be attached to the people and memories behind things.

What do you want and how do you operate, if we’re talking about the healthiest version of yourself you know thus far?

I hope we can hit our goals this month using our unique strengths and vision. Becoming more self-aware will help us get there…more peacefully.

I hope you are well!


P.S. No matter how we see things, and no matter how we personally get things done, we all have to find our way to a functioning space in order to thrive! And most often, no matter if we’re leaping, carefully sliding, skipping or striding in a straight line, that means we have to put one foot in front of the other over and over again.  We can do this!




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