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“You’re Doing It Peter!”

What it is that I see you doing is keeping on keeping on!  I know that you are up at all hours and sometimes feel hungover, but you keep going. You may have moments of overwhelm, but you pull it together and take the next step. You have demands coming at you all day and you are finding time to be quiet and regroup.  I applaud you for talking yourself down for the ledge of comparison, and off the precipice of doubt and fear and back onto the safe ground of hope and courage.

Being “in the trench” of mothering is not a place for the faint of heart.  It is a place for those that will, as the slogan I heard for a football team today said, Rise and Roar! That’s appropriate for Lionesses don’t you think? Well, that’s exactly what I would encourage you to do!

You’ve got a problem you need to figure out?  You’ve got more to do than can be done by one person?  You’ve got challenges in your relationships and wonder if you’re cut out for all of this? Please don’t slip into victim mode! Rise and Roar! Tell those problems you are going to shake them and dissect them until you figure them out! Say no to the stuff on your schedule that doesn’t really matter and mean it!  You’re in charge!

Negativity kicking you around?  Rise and Roar! No more being victimized by those influences who would steal your peace and crush your confidence.

Let the world know that you are directing your own show and making good things happen.  That you are paying attention to blessings and focusing on goodness. Let the family know that you need their help, but, no roaring at them…just make sure your behavior is kind, gentle, respectful and FIRM, and they’ll know you mean business and that they are loved and valued at the same time.

You’re doing it! One day at a time, you are making it and I applaud your efforts!

Love, love, love,


Hook might be the most quoted movie at our house!  If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it for a fun family movie night. Hurrah for the 90’s and Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams and music by the amazingly talented John Williams!

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