Funny, isn’t it, that society isn’t sending you {Mama} messages that what you are doing in your every day life is exactly what the world needs most? There should be capes for people like you who are elbow deep in taking care of the needs of the next generation day in and day out, not to mention: All. Those. Sleepless. Nights.

We hear about tragedies and war and crazy weather and shootings and chaos here and abroad…but almost never do we hear about the people who are making all of the daily living happen, or even making it possible at all! And sadly, that also means that there isn’t a lot of attention or adulation for the great work you are doing at home. So I wonder if you at times wonder if you should be doing something else, something that seems to count more socially or give you more of a sense of accomplishment by paying you or promoting you? To that I ask: if you aren’t present to fill the mothering role for your children, who will be?

On a broader scale I would ask: Do we as a society need more gun control? More laws, or restrictions and tighter controls? Do we need broader media coverage or more options for jobs or greater representation for women?

To these questions and many like them, I would say, what we really need is more of you.

I think that you are the secret weapon we need to make the biggest positive impact on the future socially, spiritually and even economically!

When I read a scary news story about someone who has been in the criminal justice system since they were a teen and now are on trial for murder, or see enraged young people who are completely out of control and looking back, we can see that they have been screaming for help, I think– that person badly needed something they didn’t get. Whether that was kindness, good food to eat, a safe place to live or in some cases medical care, there were deep holes in the fabric of their upbringing.

So, if you have given a child a safe space in your home and in your heart, the time to be carefree and childlike; fed and clothed them and given them a smile and affection, then today you have positively impacted the world. And if you are doing the jobs of both mother and father by yourself, I pray that God will bless you and strengthen you!

Today, you have contributed to a safer, brighter future for your family and community.

You have elevated happiness and learning and endless possibilities for you, your children and for society.

You have stretched yourself, finding needed patience and courage, and come out stronger.

Yes, just by doing the normal everyday parenting things, I believe that you are making the difference we need the most.

Thank you!!!



P.S. An awesome quote by a psychological performance expert, Steve Siebold:

“Over the past 34 years, I conducted interviews with  more than 1,200 parents. While the focus of my interactions with them was to study how they handed down their beliefs about money to their kids, one thing always stood out: the closest, most successful, best behaved and smartest kids are the ones whose parents made it a priority to really be involved in every aspect of their children’s lives.
Mothers, fathers and children sat down to eat dinner together, or simply have together time every day. They talked about their days, discussed any big wins, their struggles and whatever else was on anyone’s mind.
I also talked to a few children of various ages in my studies, and all across the board deep down there were only two things they wanted from their parents: love and attention. The ones who got it typically were more fulfilled and stayed out of trouble.
The bottom line: get involved in every way you possibly can. You are a parent and it’s your responsibility. The more involved you become in your children’s lives, the better off they’re going to be and the safer our schools will be.”


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