That’s A Wrap!


We finished our last group meeting for the 7 Steps to Family Wellness Seminar today and I was so happy with the experience! {Every year has been a delight with wonderful ladies coming together to support each other, and this year was no exception.}

It never ceases to amaze me how different we each are and what wonderful things we learn from hearing about each person’s perspective and experiences. It’s healthy and broadening to be a part of a group of people striving to learn together. Synergy is awesome!

So here’s a bug in your ear:
if you haven’t lately, put your feelers out and tap into a group who are interested in learning some of the things you want to learn, whether that be oil painting or writing or swimming or budgeting or dancing or time-management or nutrition! Then join in!

This year in seminar, we were privileged to have Lionesses from seminar’s past to introduce and speak about each step and what they have learned and then incorporated into their lives. It was enlightening to hear their words and their experiences! I was inspired by them as they added layers of understanding and depth to topics I have taught many times. Their perspectives were unique and wonderful!

When I was in college as a non-traditional student, the traditional students {those young enough to be my children almost!} taught me so much. When I had a technology question, they answered it every time!

What is it that you want to learn next?

I hope you will be able to find a “tribe” of those who are moving in your direction so that you can gain from the synergy of a shared group experience and also that of each individual’s experience too as you share with one another.

I hope you are well! Please take good care of yourself this weekend.






Sip On This


While you’re preparing for your holiday festivities and beginning to think about 2018, I wanted you to know that I’m running a special on health coaching in time for holiday giving!

Get off to a great start in the New Year with someone to walk beside you to better health, greater organization for your home, a new look at your priorities and goals and an all-around mental, physical, spiritual and emotional adjustment!

Here’s the scoop:

Sign-up before December 15th and pay only $75/month for a three month program! {That’s an $85 savings each month!}
You get: two 50 minute sessions each month {either in person or distance}
bi-monthly assignments and
email support between sessions!
This price will not last beyond this holiday– unless you are a returning Lioness. xo

Also, I’m offering a discounted price for Lioness Seminar, 7 Steps to Family Wellness, that begins in March! You can join us in person for a great group experience, or take the course at a distance with the Lioness 7 Steps Workbook and audio recordings.

And of course, the Lioness planner is on it’s way!

I’ve been around the parenting block, cracked the household management job, lived to tell about planning and cooking 2-3 meals a day for 30+ years and I would love to support you in creating the healthy life you want for your family.

If health coaching had been available to me during the time I was raising children, it would have saved me so much time and effort and stress! Man, I can’t say that emphatically enough.

Anyhow, I hope you’ll let this opportunity marinate in your mind and if it speaks to you and you and want to jump in {or whisper in Santa’s ear that you’d like to jump in}, please do so ASAP by sending me a note!

Remember, you won’t start until January, so there’s no stress through the holidays.

Hope to hear from you!

Love ya!


P.S. Please share this offer with your friends while it’s here…

P.P.S. Gift certificates are available for any of the above!


On Self-Care


“Where has God gone? Why has He gone away? Why has He let this happen? Why won’t He help? Why has He abandoned me?”

“God hasn’t abandoned us. We abandoned ourselves. He’s there, and He cares.

But He expects us to cooperate by caring for ourselves.”

Melodie Beattie, Codependent No More

Friends, our people are counting on us to care for ourselves so that we can care for them in healthy ways.

So go ahead and take a break, feel the sun on your face and give thanks for all of your gifts and the beauty of life.






Pumpkin Rice Pudding


Yes, I am pumpkin crazy!

This time, in place of pumpkin, I used butternut squash. As with the muffins, the pudding is just as pumpkin-y

with butternut substituted for the pumpkin and it’s so easy to bake and to use.

So I baked several butternut squash a few nights ago and I’ve been using them every day in smoothies or pancakes or pudding.

For the pudding, I greased a baking dish with butter {or you could use coconut oil}, then sprinkled cooked brown rice in the bottom, about 1/2″ thickness.

Then,  in another bowl, I made what is basically pumpkin pie filling:

2 eggs
2 tsp pumpkin pie spice {or more!}
1/2 tsp Real salt
1/3-1/2 cup raw honey
1 1/2 cups milk
2 cups cooked butternut
1 tsp vanilla

Blend the filling until it is smooth, then pour it over the rice, sprinkle with cinnamon and bake for about an hour at 350° or until the pudding is lightly browned and firm.

With a dollop of whipped cream, I think this is a worthy snack or dessert or even breakfast!

I hope you are having a great week~ Stopping at intervals to inhale, hold that breath for a few seconds, then exhaling while lowering your shoulders. Keep that oxygen flowing with your walking and moving and mind that you keep your jaw relaxed and take some good mental breaks throughout each day!

Best wishes,



Our Time


Time when we are young is simple and slow–remember the last five minutes before recess going by soooo slowly?

Later in life, there doesn’t seem to be nearly enough time to do all that we want to do!

But, instead of lamenting over all of the things it seems we may never get to do, have faith that the things you are meant to do, those that are most important to your personal mission, will come into being when the time is right.

Meanwhile, practice being where you are. Practice turning your attention back and back and back from past problems or future concerns to the ever-living present. {Thank heaven our children and grand children will always bring us there or meet us there and show us how it is done!}

How can you continue to sharpen your mind? What are you interested in learning? Why are you drawn to the things that interest you?

Life is full of opportunity and rich with possibility! What win/win equations can you make that will help you to grow while being in the present with your present responsibilities? Pray for the knowledge of those equations and write them down as they come to you.

I pray that you will feel whole and blessed and supported at this stage of your journey.

No one else can do what you are doing for the people in your life.

You mean the world to them. Please take good care of yourself and gather reasons to feel joyful!

Love and best wishes,