In Review


Hello my friend. I hope you have had a good day.

I thought I’d ask you this evening how, as you look back, did you care for yourself today?

Did you ask for help when you needed it?

Did you wash and dress and groom yourself?

How was your mental chatter today? Did you persist in silencing the negatives and pouring on the positives?

And the bigger question: did your children see you treating yourself with respect?

Can it be overstated how much we contribute to how others treat us by the example we set in the way we treat of ourselves?

I hope as you take inventory for today, that you will make some determinations about how to care for yourself even better tomorrow.

You are vitally important. No one can replace you. You are needed more than you can know.

I wish you well!



In times of stress or negativity, employ this kindest of declarations:

“I like myself, I love myself. I like myself, I love myself. I like myself, I love myself.”

You will feel a shift away from impatience, hostility and angst, toward peace, love and harmony. See for yourself!

Outside The Box


Today I got to try out a German cafe in our area. I had a delicious kale and sausage soup

and a salad with freshly made bleu cheese and dill dressing. Quite delightful. {My dad got some potato salad that I would love to make! Fresh dill and cucumbers and ham, eggs and potatoes as far as I could tell. Just wonderful!} Then as we were leaving the cafe, we saw a waitress delivering a large piece of layered lemon cake topped with whipped cream and strawberries. Oh, if I could do the gluten, I would have been sorely tempted to order a piece to go!

So, I’m wondering how you’re feeling about trying new foods?

Do you feel like you are eating the same things over and over and over again? And do you think that your kids wouldn’t like new flavors or textures? I am amazed at what kids will eat when they are exposed to it. My little granddaughter for instance loves to sit on my lap and eat Grandma Sunny’s green salad with rice vinegar and olive oil for dressing. She eats all of the ingredients, from celery to craisins showing no pickiness at all. She also eats curry and spicy food and pretty much anything that is prepared. {Would you say that’s right my daughter?} Remember that children need to be exposed to healthy foods at a very early age and more than once! More like ten times! So be sure not to label likes or dislikes after the first taste!!! We grow into many tastes and textures as we have more experience with them, so it is a parent’s job to train the tastes of their kids. And you can!

It seems that sometimes we get into thinking that kids will only eat bland junk food and that we can’t expect them to eat anything really flavorful.

But, what I guess is that many parents have very limited food experience and therefore a short list of things they will eat.

And I can relate. I was 30 before I tasted Thai food for the first time…and then it was love at first bite!

So, I offer you just a nudge: challenge yourself to try something new each day or each week and get used to a broader variety of not only vegetables and fruits but also different taste combinations. It is such a blast! Swap recipes with people you  know that are good cooks. Look up recipes with taste combinations you’ve never tried {coconut milk and cilantro and peanut sauce was a kicker for me!} and have some food adventures!

Life is too short to each mac n’ cheese every day! Besides, it won’t help your health or your palette!

I wish you well.



He Carries Me


When was the last time you were pushed to your limit?

When you didn’t know if you could keep going and how you would continue to put one foot in front of the other?

When was the last time you were frightened and tempted to despair?

As a friend reminded me today, our natural tendency is to become fearful when traumatic events happen or when we are challenged beyond what we know we can handle. But our choice, in those times, is between faith and hope and despair and fear.

The problem is that sometimes we are so stunned or so pained that all we can do is cry out to God in our hearts.

And what I have come to know is that He hears me, even when I can’t find the words to speak.

I just have to choose Him, again and again and again and to invite Him to help me. To navigate through difficulties, even heartbreak, with His aid.

I am learning to let go of thinking that I need to push through challenges on my own, to be tougher or less needy. Sometimes, I don’t have the strength on my own to choose hope and faith, I have to ask for that too!

With Him, I am able. I can go through the fires of life, with acceptance and stretches of peace, and trust that all of my experiences will be turned to my soul’s good. And I have faith that the things that I truly desire most will be what He helps me to achieve.

And for this knowledge I am forever grateful.

God bless you in your everyday needs, whether they are large or small, public or private.  I pray that you will find solace in ‘dropping your burdens at His feet, and bearing a song away.’



“Why should this anxious load, press down your weary mind? Haste to your Heavenly Father’s throne, and sweet refreshment find.”
Philip Doddridge 1702-1751


If You Build It


If you build it, much will come!

This family building endeavor is incredibly difficult! Would you say? It really takes everything you’ve got!

That said, it is worth everything you’ve got!

It is worth the sleepless nights caring for little ones; worth the self-discipline a maturing marriage relationship demands; worth cultivating a life-long learning attitude; worth every trip to the doctor; every bill paid; every game you watch and every dance class you support.

Family is worth making tough choices about which passions to pursue, which priorities to put at the top of your list. It’s worth becoming healthier, mind body and spirit and worth giving and receiving apologies and trying again and again and again and again.

If you struggle, you’re not alone. Every relationship has it’s ups and downs. There are no exceptions.

Success comes in humbly doing your best to support, love and encourage one another.

And that success comes one day at a time.

Building means work! It also means measurable progress and a lot of joy along the way!

You can do this. One step, one meal, one story, one outing, one assignment, one nap, one discussion at a time.

Much love to you!




French Women


An interesting excerpt from a great book, French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Guilaiano.

“French women typically think about good things to eat.

American women typically worry about bad things to eat.

French women eat smaller portions of more things.

American women eat larger portions of fewer things.

French women eat more vegetables.

French women eat a lot more fruit.

French women love bread and would never consider a life without carbs.

French women don’t eat “fat-free,” “sugar-free,” or anything artificially stripped of natural flavor. They go for the real thing in moderation.

French women love chocolate, especially the dark, slightly bitter, silky stuff with its nutty aroma.

French women eat with all five senses, allowing less to seem like more.

French women balance their food, drink, and movement on a week-by-week basis.

French women do stray, but they always come back, believing there are only detours and no dead ends.

French women don’t often weigh themselves, preferring to keep track with their hands, eyes and clothes: “zipper syndrome.”

French women eat three meals a day.

French women don’t snack all the time.

French women never let themselves be hungry.

French women never let themselves feel stuffed.

French women train their taste buds and those of their young, from an early age.

French women honor mealtime rituals and never eat standing up or on the run. Or in front of the TV.

French women walk everywhere they can.

French women drink water all day long.”

I quote this because I think it is inspiring! I believe we have gone far astray from natural, normal or healthy eating {whichever term fits best} and this list gives a bit of perspective.

Shifting from eating artificially flavored, colored, textured and generally de-natured foods to whole, flavorful, colorful and delightful food is a journey. One so worth taking!

I wish you all the best in your dietary and health goals! And I’d recommend the book!

Be well!