Smoothies With The Kitchen Coach


I am so tickled to link you up with a Jenny the Kitchen Coach video today. I love her and her ideas and food are always amazing!

And me, I’m propped up looking into the face of our newest little grandchild who is sleeping next to me. I am in awe again at the sanctity of life and the wisdom, creation and progress made possible within the family unit. All I can say is praise be to God for the opportunity to be in this flesh, learning at an accelerated pace by what we are experiencing here together. Life is precious.

I wish you a bright and happy Monday!






It is dry as a bone at our house. Good thing lavender is hardy, because most everything else looks drab and brown and nearly dead. And it’s amazing to me what a difference that makes. Our home looks less inviting because the yard looks less alive because the underlying need-the water-isn’t plentiful this year.

I have never thought of water creating the look of home of plenty of graciousness, and yet it is exactly the element that is missing in this year’s landscape.

This realization strikes me, that sometimes when we feel less than our best; less than warm or inviting or gracious, less than sociable or giving, it may just be that our inner well has run dry.

It is our job, our most important job, to replenish the spring in us that allows us to feel loved, to feel nurtured and at ease; to have enough and to spare, enough and much left over to give.

What waters your soul? Close your eyes and be still and listen…let the ideas distill on you. Then make a plan to restore your reservoir if needed and strive to keep it brimming to the top!

There are few things that are without limit. God’s love first and foremost. Feast on it, drink and quench your thirst, then share those blessings to your heart’s delight!

Sending you love and best wishes today!

Be well. Claim your blessings. Become your whole self.



Be Yourself


You’re learning. You’re watching. You’re paying attention to the experience of others.

You have some of your mother’s traits. You may have things you do just like your dad.

But even so, there is no one else in the world who is uniquely you. A shift from imitation to recognition may be in order.

While honoring the principles you have learned from your parents and teachers, you can also express and develop your own wisdom, style and voice. In fact, the world in general needs to hear it! In particular your family needs to know it!

You are amazing. You are unique. You are a gift.

Practice being all you. Give your bright and beautiful self to those you love.

With love,




It’s simple and fun to dry flowers, add turn them into potpourri by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils!

Of course, potpourri was a much bigger deal in the 80’s, but I haven’t recovered! I just love flowers and watching them dry and turn different, vibrant shades of loveliness.

What would a person do with potpourri you ask? Well, here are a few ideas:

You can put the dried, scented petals into small sachet bags and use them to give your clothing drawers a nice smell, or hang them in your closet or use them in your linen closet. Of course you could gift them too!

Note: sachet bags can be made easily by sewing small squares of lace {or some other sheer fabric} together and tying the top closed with thin ribbon. Or better yet, put a small rubber band around the neck of the bag to hold it tightly closed, and then tie a ribbon around that. If you want to take it a step further, you could sew a casing in the top of the bag and use ribbon as a drawstring.

It’s also nice to add potpourri to bath salts, just for color.

{It seems we’ve talked about making bath salts before, but here’s a little reminder since we’re in flower season!}

1 cup Epsom salts
about 5 drops essential oil (singles or blend)
2 tsp dried flower petals (optional)

You can use a little or a lot of these salts in a nice, relaxing bath. Very therapeutic and beneficial for you or someone you love. In a small, plain or decorative jar, this makes a fun friend gift.

I hope you are well on this summer day!

Sending you my love and best wishes.


Speak. The. Words.


Ladies. Please, please change the words that you think and say about yourself if they are anything less than positive.

I heard reference to yet another study that was done in the 70’s about the power of words.

Under hypnosis, healthy subjects were told that their hearts were sick and malfunctioning. After this suggestion, electrocardiograms were done and the test results were taken to a cardiologist who declared that the subjects had a matter of hours to live. The heart “listened” and began to behave as if it were ill.

Our bodies are listening. Our minds are listening. Our beliefs are listening.

I know that sounds strange, but it is true.

I don’t care if you don’t mean it at first, but please begin if you haven’t already, to speak kind and encouraging words to yourself.

I recommend that you begin with the simple phrase, “I like myself, I love myself.”

Create miracles by speaking God’s truth about you.

You are indeed loved. You are indeed wonderful. You are indeed needed and adored.

That is the truth.

Please don’t wait. Please don’t think that this is a great idea for others but not for you. Or if the idea just sounds nutty, please trust me and do it anyway.

“Oh the places you’ll go” when you give the gift of love and acceptance to yourself.

Love to you!


P.S. What if you get good at this and you’re beginning to feel better by thinking and speaking better, and then you have a really challenging day and find yourself berating your abilities and efforts and everything else? It’s simple. The moment  you realize that you are abusing yourself in any way, you stop yourself in your tracks and you repent! Right then! You apologize to your creator and to yourself and you pick yourself up gently and move forward. It takes less than ten seconds! Accept the mistake, own it, say you are sorry and start pouring positives over your mind and heart! I truly believe that we offend God when we speak ill of ourselves or others. We’ve all made the mistake. But we know how to make it right! The goal is to be “in love” and not to go out.

“I am strong!”
“I am healthy!”
“I am learning new ways of being.”
“I am full of hope and love.”