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Big Sigh

I was reminded in my meditation practice yesterday that, “life is always unfinished.” Then the sweet voice asked me, “can you just sit with (knowing) that today?”

How does it make you feel to know that things are going to go on being unfinished?

What does it mean to you? For me it reaffirms that life is dynamic, not static. And when things are always changing and growing or atrophying, there aren’t many points, if any, that we could say, “it’s done.”

There is relief in knowing that no matter how fast we run, there will always be more to do, or in other words, you don’t have to expect yourself to get it all done. Ever!

The other thing that helps a lot is knowing that I can get pieces of things done and move on. Like, I can get the things on my time-blocking list done every Monday. Then I know that even though those loads of laundry will need to be done the next week, for right now they are done and I can move my mind to the next day and it’s tasks. Having small things to check off my list gives me the sense of accomplishment I crave, even when my homemaking┬ájob description has been likened to, “beading a string with no knot at the end!”

Here we are in our life’s raft floating down the river…the water is ebbing and flowing…we move around rocks…we may encounter white water at times…but the water keeps rolling and we keep floating and choosing how we will respond to the changing of the scenery.

I remember the days when the water felt deep and there were few breaks from paddling! I hope you can take a deep breath in, smile and close your eyes, let the breath out and know that you’ve done all you need to do today. Tomorrow will have it’s own challenges and rewards.

Be well my friend.




2 thoughts on “Big Sigh

  1. WOW! That lightens the load when thinking of that saying that “a woman’s work is never done.” Threading beads w/o a knot in the end is what a mother’s life can feel like but your idea of not expecting things to be finished gives me new perspective. I’ve always gotten discouraged with maintenance because I get something done and I know it won’t stay done. Before long I’ll have to do it again. Thanks for your every word of encouragement.

    1. It is a relief isn’t it? When I heard the beading with no knot years ago I thought it fit perfectly! xo

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