Build Your Team

Ok sisters, I have a little “what I learned the hard way” piece of advice. I wholeheartedly believe that we must be in charge of our own health.  It’s a philosophy that is relatively new, as compared with my parent’s generation, who unquestioningly trusted and listened to their doctor, and may have been discouraged from […]

Begin With the End In Mind

Some years ago, I cut an obituary out of the newspaper because it was so moving to me!  I saved it because I wanted to it have it on hand to be able to be inspired again and again by this woman’s life and by the fact that her children got her and appreciated what […]

No Proof Necessary

Have you ever noticed that when you are motivated to do something in order to prove a point (to yourself or even more futilely, to someone else) that things usually don’t go very well? I have! Seems as though proving just isn’t a great motive. Think of it: when you try to prove to someone […]

Beauty Balance

In our self-nurturing behavior, we find our drawing power.  That is, we draw others to us when we are rested, washed, combed, peaceful, honored, happy and content.  Do you have desire to teach your children, and to be a positive influence to your spouse? Then, do what it takes to nurture yourself, and you will, […]

They’re Here!

At long last, the 2017 Lioness planner is here!  In color! (Here’s a sneak peek!) The box came today and I’m so excited to share them with you! My prayer is that this will be a dynamic tool that will help you to be a deliberate, decision-making, pulled together, goal seeking, chilled-out mama! They are: […]