It’s summer…time for fresh, light lunches and snacks! Here is a yummy salad recipe I like to have made-up and waiting in the fridge for a side dish, snack or ready-made lunch. Today, I added fresh cilantro, radishes and chive flowers for a delicious garnish, and served it all with ice-cold pomegranate juice. Enjoy! Coleslaw […]

Oven-Fried Chicken

Just have to pass on a new recipe and dinner idea.   (Sorry no picture as of yet, I am camera deficient at the moment!) I came across this little gem in an old neighborhood-type cookbook printed in 1976 and I think it’s a keeper. The dinner idea is this chicken recipe with steamed vegetables […]

Cooking is Love Made Visible

Some of the greatest words that can come from a mother’s lips are, “Come and eat!” Really, is there anything in family life that counts like food does in the whole equation of love and nurturing? That’s why it is SO worth our effort to adjust our lifestyles to support cooking, and while we’re at […]

Tune In!

I’m excited to let you know that there are two new programs starting up at Lioness…and you can hear all about them Monday morning at 8:15 am on 650 AM or 95.1 FM with Larry J and me on the morning Table Talk show. If you are ready to learn fun ideas for cooking a […]

Meal Planning~ Step 3

If you have read the last two posts AND have done the homework, I AM SO IMPRESSED! Or, maybe you haven’t decided to get down to business yet, and that’s ok. ¬†However, when or if you decide to put all of this FREE, life-changing information into application, please go back to Step 1 and proceed […]