Do you recall this recipe from some months ago? I finally bought cashews and managed to save some from getting eaten long enough to make these!

First a couple of things I learned:

The cashews would be better in small pieces. Having them in halves made it a bit too chunky and hard to spread.

Second, when you put them in the freezer to flash freeze for about ten minutes, I hope you’ll remember that they’re in there and not forget them for a week. Ah hem. No matter, they were really good then too! Just let them sit for about two minutes then they should be easy to cut.

Third, I recommend doubling this batch because these little babies don’t last long!

6 Tbs nut butter (I doubled and did 6 almond and 6 peanut)

3 Tbs coconut oil

3 Tbs honey

2 Tbs cocoa

1/2 tsp vanilla

1-2 cup raw cashews (chopped!)

Mix all except cashews until smooth. Add cashew bits. Spoon onto cookie sheet and freeze 10 minutes then cut into squares and store in the refrigerator.

I think these would also be really good with two drops of peppermint essential oil mixed in! And or another kind of nut, like pecans, added to the cashews.





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