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Egg Fu Yung Twist

The recipe here on the Lioness website for Egg Fu Yung calls for bean sprouts, which can be hard to come by here, unless you sprout them yourself. And sometimes not having them keeps me from using the recipe. Also, on occasion, I run out of sesame oil, so tonight I tried a variation that I thought you might like.

In place of bean sprouts, use shredded cabbage.  And instead of sesame oil in the sauce, crush a few tablespoons of sesame seeds, white or black and put them in the sauce.

With these changes, the flavor was great and we enjoyed every bite!

Be creative and see what other veggies you could use either in addition to those listed or as a substitute.

Cooking can be much more fun when you use your creative powers!

Happy cooking!


P.S. The recipe is on the recipes page under Main Dishes.

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