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I love Epsom salt. I use it quite a bit in a bath, in the shower {with the drain covered to hold the salt water in}, in a foot bath or for making lovely bath salts with flower petals and essential oils.

Here’s a recipe for taking a dip in your own mineral spa.

Right before bedtime, add 2-3 pounds of Epsom salts in a tub of warm water, not hot or cold.  After you’re in, run warmer water until the bath is comfortably warm. Soak for at least 20 minutes and drink a few glasses of water while you relax.

Dry off, slip into your comfiest  pj’s, and enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep.

A rested, hydrated mom, is a happy, loving mom.

Love, love, love,

P.S. To those of you who will be up with babies tonight, know your time to sleep for several hours at once will come!  Sometimes you wonder, but truly it will!  Meanwhile, get all the rest you can.  You’re going to make it.  God bless you!

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