I am hearing some business and thought leaders saying that femininity is needed in our world. Hurrah!

Yes, yes I completely agree! And I’m encouraged by the growing realization that when women shift into a driven, competitive, aggressive masculine energy, it brings more imbalance to our world instead of the feminine counter balance and blessed relief that is needed! {Does it go without saying that the world at large is heavy on hardcore and light on lullabies?}

As feminine women, we can accomplish many desperately important things.

We can create things. (In fact, isn’t that the biggest accomplishment our biology affords us?)

But many of our balancing contributions come simply as we accomplish what needs to be done in a feminine way.

Why? Because the world needs tenderness; we can be tender.

The world needs strength and wisdom; we can be strong and wise.

The world needs leadership; we can lead out with gentle optimism.

The world needs to feel loved and validated; we can love and validate!

The world needs voices of reason, organization, administration, discernment, courage and kindness. Let us be those voices; women’s voices.

I hope we can tap into and embrace our most feminine selves, and the men in our lives, our counterparts, and together find joy and peace and balance in the coming year!

Embracing the soft, gentle, compassionate, assertive, inviting traits that are ours to embody… and allowing our men to develop their protective, providing masculinity.

Best wishes to you sister!


P. S. In large part, we will accomplish our feminine missions by embracing self-nourishing self-care. 

I hope you’ve recovered from the holidays and have started making plans for new and improved self-caring habits in the new year. {One of those for me is getting my ducks lined-up for Christmas sooner next time around!}

P. P. S. Remember, our feminine energy draws others to us, versus chasing them down. Food for thought isn’t it?

Another word for the ability to draw others to us is attractiveness. And generally speaking, the most attractive thing I can think of is a smiling face. Hopefully our children and spouses will see our smiling faces today and tomorrow and next week! And maybe, because of our joy, our daughters might feel to embrace their femininity in happy ways too!

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  1. Oh I love this so much! Just reading those words opens my heart to being more feminine and embracing those gifts. 😘

    P.s. I normally get all the Lioness emails but the past 4 or 5 have gone directly to my spam folder. I’m not sure why but just thought I’d let you know.

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