Go Deep

I hope that today finds you intact, body and spirit.

This mothering business is no small investment.

Like the circadian rhythm deep in your cells; the movement of muscles circulating watery lymph-cleansing fluid; the awesome steadiness of your heart muscle moving the blood that enlivens and animates you– like these physical processes, so you are to your children.

They are tender (loud, but tender!) plants that need the nourishing soil of your presence, your light, your voice, your smile, your care. They thrive on your attention and crave it like air.

Can you give them a place to grow now that you have given them life?

Can you make the environment of you so nourished and loved that clinging to you, they will be fed by your love-liness?

Can you, in quiet and stillness, go deep inside your heart every day to intentionally plant seeds of comfort and courage and then bend your knees and water your soul with a life-giving connection to the powers of heaven?

Can you hourly speak words of creation and truth that your very cells will hear and obey? “I am grateful for this day!” “I am well and whole!”

You are the deep place where your family is growing. And even though you are giving and and extending, needing patterns of rest and recovery too, still, your expanding heart and giving hands will be graced with growth that is meant just for those who provide safe places for others.

So please turn, and look at the girl in the mirror. Calm her, love her, protect her, provide for her needs and comfort her–fill her loving cup to overflowing with the life-giving medium that has no limit in all of time and space. The Love that fills the universe is meant for you to have in abundance and to allow to flow through you to everyone you meet; especially those of your own creation! No need to conserve! There is plenty and to spare!

I declare that God’s love will help and bless you, day by day as you humbly ask to be healed of any infirmity, spirit, mind or heart or body. Ask to understand how He feels about you, then listen. And feel. And know.

With great love,


P.S. Beautiful quotes:
“Deepen…that is where your reality lies. That is how you will find your place, and how you will find your true center.”
“It is only when we are fully rooted that we are really able to move.”
Madeleine L’Engle, A Wind in the Door

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