I’m very happy to share this little booklet with you! (Grab your FREE downloadable copy here.)

There is no time to lose when it comes to learning the principles of unconditional love and then teaching them to your kids!

And, not only will you find greater peace and strengthen your family relationships when you learn and apply these principles, but you can also shift the trajectory of your family’s health!

Wonder how that works?

The short answer is, come join in the Healing With Love class, roll up your sleeves, get reading, and find out!

The longer answer is, we are studying not only unconditional love, but also the Mindbody Syndrome. (You can read more about that here.)

These two schools of thought go together so beautifully and have brought such wonderful relief that I want to shout it from the rooftops!

Boiled down it’s like this:

Feeling conditionally loved (“I get positive attention when I’m clean, obedient, cheerful and productive, but yelled at and discounted when I make a mistake”) leads to running yourself into the ground trying to earn the love you need in order to survive and thrive.

Even little children learn this. And this habit creates, little by little, and day by day, a mountain of stress and tension in our bodies.

Over years of trying to earn something that cannot be earned, we can amass enough hidden, interior stress and rage to cripple a person! Emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

And the answer to this painful way of living is love! The kind that connects you and grounds you and leaves you feeling relaxed and whole.

We must learn to show each other this kind of love even when we make mistakes. When we’re inconvenient and messy. When it would be easier to lose our cool and attribute our own emptiness and pain to the “problem kid” standing in front of us.

There is a way to love and teach at the same time!

We can have great expectations for our children to learn to be responsible when we get connected and full enough ourselves to guide them without using anger and without being irritated!

I know some incredible parents who are learning these concepts and using them to shift from contention/tension at home to understanding/learning & love at home!

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Most importantly, these principles can help us to live what we believe in all our relationships!

Getting the booklet and the books (listed in the back) is a great place to start. (Please share the link with your family and friends!)

Healing With Love is gearing up again right now and I’d love to talk to you about joining in and give you all the details. Interested? Please schedule a conversation with me here.

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