More than they need to get good grades;

More than they need opportunities to develop their talents;

More than they need stylish clothes;

More than they need a new toy or phone or reward we can give them;

Yes, more than anything else, our kids need to feel loved.

Photo by Mariam Soliman on Unsplash

And the only time they can feel our love is when we feel loved and are therefore loving!

When we feel loved, we aren’t crabby and irritable and defensive.

We aren’t quick to correct and edit and lecture.

We aren’t hiding and protecting ourselves with anger.

Instead, we are slow to anger and kind. We are relaxed.

So what needs to happen for us to get there?

Not anything involving the praise of others, (“Oh, isn’t she talented and successful?”)

Not taking a position that will make us feel more powerful.

And, it isn’t running away or hiding for protection in the myriad of distractions that surround us.

It is simply this:
1 Learning to tell the truth about ourselves. (“I have been wrong when I have been angry, and I am sorry. I am learning how to become a more loving parent, and I promise I will keep trying, even though I am human and will likely make more mistakes on the way.”)
2 Finding and spending time with wise women and men who will kindly tell us the truth, and love us unconditionally.

These things don’t cost money. (Except investing in the Real Love in Parenting book would be very smart!)

They won’t change our routine or require a large time commitment. (A bit of study and practice every day is required.)

I whole-heartedly believe that learning to do these two things will change the course of our children’s lives for the better, forever.

And that we have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!

Shall we give it a shot?

I’m in! Hope you’ll join me!

Motivated by our love for them, and with God’s help, we can become exactly the loving parents our children need.

The mission of Lioness at the Door is to uplift, strengthen and encourage women of all ages to magnify health, hope and happiness at home. We do so boldly, with humility and gratitude for the opportunity.

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