Do you think you have failed?

Do you feel fallen from grace?

Were you wrong to dream?

Did you shoot too high? Did you risk too much?

Do you feel abandoned on the way and alone in raging fear?

Sister, I know that road, it’s signs of detour and danger ahead!

So I can tell you truly.

What feels like failure, may be God’s gift of awareness. So receive it!

What feels like falling grace is only stubbing stubborn pride on stony ground. Stand back up. See where you are going!

Photo by Abigail Lynn on Unsplash

You were right to dream and plan! You’re a bold creator!

Your aim was right and those risks were required. You were very brave!

Boldly now, shine your light into the dark….

See there? In your mind the dark recipe is stirring, you could be happy if only, if only, if only. (The stench of that soup is making you sick.)

Stop now and turn around.

Come away from the teeth-clenching resistance and the soul-sucking fear of being wrong.

We have all thought wrong. Believed wrong. Behaved wrong. (It’s what we learned.) But we are not wrong. You are not wrong.

We have all wandered from the Truth, and yet His love and arms are stretched out still.

Can you hear Him?

We are loved no matter what. Our job is to find those people who can help us experience that truth by loving us while telling us the truth about ourselves!

Then, knowing love, all light, relief and restoring, rushing love, is on the other side of speaking those Liberating Words.

“I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me.”

You are loved. Yes, you are learning. You soon will be free!

Welcome to the human family.

We need you here.

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