Hello! I hope you and yours are well today!

I hope you are studying your Real Love books and practicing, practicing, practicing your skills at home!

Since behavior follows thought, changing our thinking patterns is crucial in this game!

Here are a few ideas for at least twice-daily-declarations to read/sing/shout/whisper/speak, to assist you in strengthening your new Real Love thought then behavior patterns!

Just like cheerful flowers delivered to a friend who is sick, the thoughts we intentionally cultivate and memorize can bring us courage, faith and strength when we need them most!

With practice, our fingers can become proficient at learning how to play the piano, paint a picture or type on a keyboard. Likewise, we can practice saying positive, present tense statements that eventually turn into strong mental habits!

So, a declaration is an intentional, self-preserving kind of self-talk that can help you move forward, keep you from getting stuck in thinking errors and or from falling into depressive holes that take a lot of time and energy to escape! (Oh, how I know!)

Here are a few:

“I am loved and cherished.

I love my life!

I feel loved every minute of every day.

The sound of my voice carries love to my family.

My facial expressions are full of love.

I quickly recognize feelings of anger or irritation and take a break to find my bearings.

I fill myself with loving feelings at the beginning of each day.

I constantly pray to feel God’s love for me.

I love learning how to show greater love to my family members.

I express my love often.

I am kind, gentle, respectful and firm.

I check myself any time I realize I am thinking like a victim.

I am at peace.

I am committed to being honest about myself.

I am surrounded by wise women and wise men who love me unconditionally.

I have great hope and faith.

I am a loving parent.

My children feel my love every day.

I apologize when I recognize anything unloving in my communication with my family.

My children hear my love when I teach them in a calm, yet firm voice.

I recognize quickly when my spouse needs more love.

I communicate my needs and desires with respect and consideration of my spouse’s feelings.

My life is full of joy!

I am responsible for my life.

I know in Whom I have trusted.

I am a successful parent.

My children are loving and responsible.

I understand that my children’s behavior is a “how they feel barometer.”

My children feel loved and cherished.

I am showing my family that they are my first priority.

I quickly reach out to loving friends when I need to feel loved and accepted.

I am constantly reminded that I am loved and accepted no matter what.

I unconditionally love my children and teach them how to be responsible.

My face shows kindness and clarity when my children make a mistake.

I am right where I need to be.

I am living my mission.

I am loved more than I can imagine!”

I pray you will join me in using this powerful tool.

Our children will be greatly blessed by every effort we make to train our minds to think happy, loving and confident thoughts.

No matter where we are now, no matter what we have done or what needs exist in our families, we can use this powerful tool!

Let’s do it!

The mission of Lioness at the Door is to uplift, strengthen and encourage women of all ages to magnify health, hope and happiness at home. We do so boldly, with humility and gratitude for the opportunity.

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