Simple and Smooth

Ladies! A simple, healthy idea for you sent with much love and best wishes on this weekday morning… First, the back story. I made Swiss Oats one evening to eat for breakfast the next day, but then found I wasn’t too thrilled to eat them the next morning…so I spooned them into an ice cube […]

Mango Basil Smoothie-Kitchen Coach Jenny

Mango Basil Smoothie   1/2 C. frozen mango chunks 1 C. milk of choice small handful of basil (about 1/4 C.) sprinkle of salt dash of vanilla 1/8-1/4 tsp. monk fruit powder, stevia, or other sweetener 5 pitted dates Blend everything together for about a minute. The dates take some time to become fully incorporated. […]

Smoothies With The Kitchen Coach

I am so tickled to link you up with a Jenny the Kitchen Coach video today. I love her and her ideas and food are always amazing! And me, I’m propped up looking into the face of our newest little grandchild who is sleeping next to me. I am in awe again at the sanctity […]

Banana Split Smoothie

1 cup of almond or coconut milk1 cup of watera handful of frozen blueberries1 frozen banana2-3 Tablespoons Adam’s peanut buttera handful of flax seeds1 Tablespoon cocoa powdera large handful of frozen spinach (or other greens)1 teaspoon Great Lakes unflavored gelatin This combination lights up my mouth and is a good morning starter. I usually have […]

Ginger Lemon Honey Tea

Seems as though there a lot of people who have colds and flu right now. No fun! One thing we make that has helped to “thin the junk out” during colds and flu is a nice warm cup of tea. (Not hot, let it cool before drinking.) Put water on to heat, then squeeze juice […]