Hello there friend! We’ve woken up to winter and it is beautiful. “Snow covers a mult-i-tude of sin,” my Granny always said. And she was right.

We’ve also woken up to more restrictions in the virus-fear-infested climate of this year. If you’re feeling upset or lonely or frustrated, please read on!

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Dr. Greg Baer, author of the Real Love books, teaches about victimhood and the block that victim-thinking is to gaining Real Love. This truth is profoundly taught in his book, Real Love and Freedom for the Soul, Eliminating the Chains of Victimhood. (If this is an issue for you, please invest in this book today! Mmmm, well, maybe this relates to all of us!)

The choices I want to highlight, because there is a great need for clarity about what choices we actually have right now, are these:

Door #1:

“First, we could choose to feel as though we have been personally singled out for abuse by unpleasant people, events, circumstances, and essentially the whole universe for the rest of our lives;”


Door #2:

“….we could choose to realize that inconvenience, pain, and injustice are:

unavoidable…not the end of the world….not to be shunned, avoided, and campaigned against as though they were the worst possible elements of life.

Our highest goal in life is not ease and comfort but to learn to be loving, and sometimes it is from the most inconvenient and painful experiences that we learn the most profound degrees of loving…..and, rarely done to us but mostly happen as a result of the natural and unavoidable mistakes that people make when they are empty and afraid, and also result from events and circumstances quite beyond anyone’s control.” Dr. Baer, Freedom for the Soul

When we choose Door #1, we take everything from measles to earthquakes personally. As if everything and everyone is out to get us and make us miserable. In essence this is a choice to be ill-at-ease and at least miffed if not out right angry most of our lives. Uuhhhh?

When we choose Door #2, we are choosing to be engaged in life and in the great opportunity to make choices and live out the consequences of those choices! It’s a chance for joy and happiness and fulfillment!

Tragically, when we are thinking, speaking and behaving like victims, we are making a choice NOT to feel loved.

Hear that?

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Pick up the phone and call a loving friend or counselor.

Decide to get on with life and do what is in your power to do, even when it seems the world has gone nutty.

“As you choose to make no contact with people who could love you, you’re also choosing to stay unhappy. And….then complaining about the natural consequences of your choices. It doesn’t make much sense.” Dr. Baer

Let’s highlight a few of the many choices we have right now:

1 We can choose to be humble and teachable and pray for a truer, more proactive perspective.
2 We can choose to look for every simple detail of our lives for which to be grateful, give thanks and feel blessed!
3 We can choose to soften our faces, sit down with our children and listen to their sweet voices and love them with our eyes, our voices, our soft touch and kind firmness.
4 We can put the media aside and focus on our goals and learning.
5 We can think about some small thing we could do to help our spouse feel loved today, and then do it.
6 We could think about someone we know who is grieving or lonely and send a card in the mail with our love!

Sheesh, we really don’t have time to sit around confused or angry or complaining after all! We’ve got loving work to do!

You are moving the dial on your family’s happiness scale, so I ask you, what will it read today? (I hope that dial can’t go high enough!)

Sending love to you!

The mission of Lioness at the Door is to uplift, strengthen and encourage women of all ages to magnify health, hope and happiness at home, We do so boldly, with humility and gratitude for the opportunity.

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