I received sweet clarity after I prayed recently and told my Heavenly Father all I was feeling. {I love the true validation Heaven sends!} Feelings about my efforts to balance my life and appropriately support my children and grandchildren; about my own inadequacy and occasional embarrassment; about sorrow and perplexity, followed by a plea for greater understanding and peace. {Do you ever pray this prayer?}

I felt and learned again, that we are all very much alike. We all need and want validation, grace, understanding, compassion and forgiveness too. And importantly, that we all were given weakness so that we can be humble. Yes, weak on purpose!

So if by chance you are feeling challenged by life; if you wonder if you have what it takes to be a good wife and mother; if you have decisions to make and problems to unravel; know that you are in the good company of all of God’s children!

And we women must remember that when we allow our weaknesses to serve us by helping us to be humble before God, He will teach us and lead us along. And with that understanding, we can refrain from self-criticism and see the purpose and wisdom of our blessed humanness.

All is well.

We’re here and learning…Glory hallelujah!

Much love to you,

P.S. Are you thinking about plans and goals for the New Year?! I can’t wait to get mine thought through and fleshed-out!

P.P.S. Would you consider adding personal coaching or Lioness seminar to the ways you can facilitate growth and change in a big way in 2019? Both are life-changing and affordable if you’re ready for the ride!

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