It is paramount that you know!

When you know who you are, you are ahead of the game. Because knowing yourself informs your every decision, large and small.

I challenge you to write out a list of positive, “I am” statements that speak to:

Who you are; what you do; what you want; who you love; how you serve; why you care!

I predict that there will be some beautiful declarations buried in these statements.

Do you struggle with negativity? Sarcasm? Criticism of yourself?

If so, I’d say, hey you’re human! But also, there is work to do, don’t stay there!

Please take a moment to write out your “I am’s” and then post them somewhere you will see them multiple times a day.

We must choose what we will become, and we are becoming a thought at a time.

I’ll tell you one for starters:

You are powerful!

Be well! Be love! Be hope!




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