Be Here Now!


Don’t wait until everything is in place to breathe!

Or for your to-do list to be crossed-off. {Can a few baby steps toward having your long-term projects be done and doing your daily chores as you go along, count it as productive? Because any movement forward is progress!}

Or wait for a sunnier day!

Use your courage, vision, kindness, wisdom, patience and mostly your love to connect with your family today!

They need your unique love and your smiling acceptance.

Open your arms. Open your heart. Breathe in deeply, let your shoulders relax and smile.

Today is what we have. Tomorrow will have cares of it’s own.

“Now is the time to seize the day!”


“When the first child laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.” Hook


On Decay:


In our neck-of-the-woods, it is getting cold outside. My flower beds are wet with rain (blessed rain!) and soon the annuals will die in frost. My goal is to get them pulled out before they freeze and turn black.

There are leaves in wet piles. Over the course of the coming months, they will freeze and thaw in turns to decompose into simple components that will become part of the soil.



When left alone, nature decays. Weeds grow and wind themselves around everything they touch, sometimes strangling or simply crowding out the colorful flowers we hope will thrive!

Our minds are much the same.

Being wishy-washy about what to do with what easily floats into our minds leads to decay and a decline in our thinking patterns. So much of what we want to think and feel doesn’t just come to us on a floating silver platter!

It is a choice.

If we want stunning flower beds, we must remove the weeds that automatically grow.

If we want to raise produce, we have to keep weeds from competing with our plants for water, sun and nutrients. We also have to feed the soil and keep pests away.


The law of the harvest is alive and well every day (and sometimes in the middle of the night) when it comes to our thinking habits.

What thoughts do you want to plant?

How fertile is the soil of your mind? Is it fed with self-care; with inspirational words of wisdom and love; with a desire to progress and grow?

For planting on purpose, here is a hint to make that process most effective: consider what thoughts and feelings are sapping your energy or challenging your confidence; find the opposite truths and create declarations that are the positive flip-sides of those negatives!

Example: I might recognize that my shoulders are rising closer to my ears with stress or that I am dreading some upcoming challenge. As fast as I can, as soon as it crosses my mind that my body is reacting to stressful thoughts, I express gratitude to God, ask for His help and then re-frame my thoughts to release the tension and build my courage.


My prayer might sound something like,

“Heavenly Father, I thank Thee for my life! I’m so grateful to be here. With Thy help I know I can accomplish the needs of this day. Please help me to know Thy will and feel Thy love, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

Then to counsel myself, I might say;

“I am safe. I can meet the challenges of ________ in this day. I love my life and I choose to let go of tension and strain. I am creative. I choose to see _______ as an opportunity to learn. If I make a mistake, it only means that I am human and tomorrow I will try again.”

When the words about letting go of tension and strain cross my mind, my head will often automatically begin gently turning side-to-side. I may stretch and roll my shoulders. It’s important to think back carefully to exactly what thoughts started the tension in the first place, then I can switch those around and water and nourish my mind and soul with the power of love, self-acceptance, my trust in God and His desires for my life.


It is such an honor, and pretty heady too, to realize that we have the power to direct our thoughts, our feelings, our healing and our joyful experiences!

Isn’t it great to be alive?

I wish you a day of flexing the muscles of your agent-hood in a positive and powerful way!

Much love to you,

Learning Any Way


Whether we are telling our brains to think and speak well of ourselves and others, and we’re rehearsing positives on purpose day in and day out {and reaping the happy benefits} or, if we are telling our brains to listen to negatives and believe negatives and speak of negatives and rehearse negatives, {and suffering the outcome of that focus}, either way we are training our minds. 

So I guess the only question to ask oneself is: in which state do I want to live my life?

I love that starting-with-the-end-in-mind idea! Decide on the consequence you want and do what it takes to get it!

Here’s to cultivating- yes, that’s a verb, and verbs mean effort- a happy, healthy mind and heart that leads to a happy, healthy you.

What a joy it is to be around people who are in love.

Love to you!


Rx For Overwhelm


Do you ever wake up on Monday morning and hit a wall of overwhelm in your mind?

Feeling like you have too much to do?

Or new goals that you’re not sure how to incorporate into an already full schedule? It has happened to me on too many occasions!

I’d like to share with you the best way I know to nip that heavy feeling in the bud!

But first, see if you can relate to this pattern. To some degree a person might:

1 have challenging circumstances to face, or simply want to add in a new challenge on purpose.

2 begin entertaining thoughts of, “I don’t know how I’m going to manage this,” or “There’s no way I can add in one more thing.”

3 go into mental hyper-speed, considering the impossibility of the situation. (Nope, this temptation habit doesn’t go away when kids are out of diapers, so waiting for circumstance to change versus getting head clear on this process is delaying the inevitable!)

4 when the spinning thoughts reach overwhelm on the dial, circuits become jammed. By that I mean, the ability to receive inspiration and support and strength becomes sluggish or stops. It’s like a heavy lid has been placed over spiritual receptors and minds can swirl in a backwash of negative, limiting thoughts, inward and downward.

5 in lock-down and away from the source of help, a person can become fearful, angry, despondent.

6 begin to say cutting things, to self and others. Judge self for an inability to cope, judge others (mostly closest loved ones) for not getting how hard life is! {A person may even feel angry toward or betrayed by anyone who challenges them to a goal that seems like doing more, when their effort is actually to help them to be more.}

7 feel justified in bad behavior toward self and others in part because they are emotionally bleeding from self-inflicted wounds that come from cutting self-judgement and comparisons to those who seem happy and functioning. OUCH!

8 at this stage, life just gets plain hard. Tears. Hormone imbalance. Suffering.

Can you relate to this pattern? If you’ve never experienced it, I’m so glad! If you have or are, I hope the following will be a massive assist for you! Ready for the prescription?

It is simple. It takes next to no time. It is free. It can change everything in a matter of split-seconds. Anyone can do it.

In fact, it is so simple that you may be skeptical at the efficacy of the remedy. But here it is:

It’s a declaration.

Just one.

“I love my life.”

Would you read that and say it out loud?

“l love my life.”

Don’t try to qualify it in your mind, thinking of all the things that are wrong that need to be settled first before that sentence will be true.

Even if the garage needs cleaning.

Even if you are tired.

Even if the dishes have gotten away from you.

Even if you are moving through a period of grief.

Say the words. Let them be your mantra. Anytime your thoughts take a negative turn, cut into the mental chaos with these words, “I love my life.”

Your brain isn’t in charge. You are. Tell it what you want it to think.

On purpose, choose the mental path that will:

Stop the mental inward and downward spinning
Stop the comparisons
Stop the jamming of spiritual circuits
Stop the self-abuse
Stop the use of sharp words aimed at those you love

And start feeling the love. It’s there! It’s full of energy and light and inspiration!

The love (that is already around you everywhere) will broaden your mind and spirit. And being open to the love of God will put you on the receiving end of His abilities and strength!

It will multiply your abilities. It will strengthen your determination. It will guard you against spiritual enemies.

Love will lift your burden; help you to be loving and kind; draw others to your aid when you need assistance.

Love will strengthen your body and help you to move and circulate and assimilate and boost your immunity.

“I love my life.”

This short sentence is full of gratitude. It is goodness washing over you.

Love is the antidote for heaviness; rancor; strife; pain; frustration; anger and self-loathing, but we have to drink it in.

This beautiful Monday morning, I wish you love.

Please know how we need you! Your family needs you. Your friends and neighbors need you.

And society at large is being greatly blessed by your efforts to raise strong, capable, loving children.

“I love MY life!”

In part, because of you.

Have a wonderful week blessing the world my friend!


P.S. Using the declaration, “I love my life” may lead you to asking for greater help. If you feel so inspired, don’t delay in finding someone you can trust to talk to and receive any aid you may need. Depending on the need, you may find a therapist, a spiritual leader or a coach. “I love my life” means in part, not wasting time in letting go of burdens you can fly without; getting clear on boundaries; gaining greater understanding of your life experiences which will lead to greater peace and acceptance.

P.P.S. If, by chance, you feel inspired to fast from social media for awhile, think of the time you will gain to devote more time to feeding your soul! Spending more time in light means more energy and strength. This is addition, not subtraction! More! Multiplying your time, not dividing it. Just a thought to consider…

Servant Leader Loves


We sometimes get confused. We might ask ourselves, “If I commend myself for a job well-done, am I proud?” or “If I berate myself, does that make me humble?”

I’d say, no and no.

I just finished cleaning the kitchen. It was one job in the middle of 15 others that was calling for my attention this morning. But I am on a path of “first things first” and I knew that leaving dishes behind breakfast would be unsettling and detrimental to the rest of the day. So I took myself by the hand, shut out the clamor of other projects and needs making a play for my attention, and I led myself to the sink. When I finished, I said, in my head, “good job Jacque, you focused in and got the kitchen clean. Way to go!”

Is that prideful? No, it’s coaching. It’s acknowledging a small success that I plan to build upon today. It’s self-help at it’s finest to comfort and encourage oneself.

What if I had gone into a tirade about all the things that need to be done and beat myself up for not being further ahead or taking on too much or, or, or….. Would that be helpful? Would I feel enlivened and buoyed up? No!

Funny thing is, when we live in the negatives, when we cultivate a voice of despair and discouragement or self-loathing, that awfulness oozes out onto the people we love even thought we don’t want it to! We feel lousy about ourselves and aren’t they an extension of us? We criticize as a past time. We find fault out of habit.

Servant leadership is about true humility, which is knowing who we are in relationship to God, and being willing to be led and taught by Him, which leads to being filled with His love for ourselves and others.

We can serve best when we are in His love.

We must hear and correct the way we speak to ourselves if need be, in order to be in love!

What loving words do you have for yourself right now, today? Please, please say them! You deserve words that are encouraging and positive. Find them and say them, and let them spill out to your children and your spouse!

Sending you my appreciation for the love you give every day that makes the world better for us all! Thank you!



P.S. I would love to hear the words you come up with in the comments! Please share and inspire the Lioness community!