Time to Grow


I received sweet clarity after I prayed recently and told my Heavenly Father all I was feeling. {I love the true validation Heaven sends!} Feelings about my efforts to balance my life and appropriately support my children and grandchildren; about my own inadequacy and occasional embarrassment; about sorrow and perplexity, followed by a plea for greater understanding and peace. {Do you ever pray this prayer?}

I felt and learned again, that we are all very much alike. We all need and want validation, grace, understanding, compassion and forgiveness too. And importantly, that we all were given weakness so that we can be humble. Yes, weak on purpose!

So if by chance you are feeling challenged by life; if you wonder if you have what it takes to be a good wife and mother; if you have decisions to make and problems to unravel; know that you are in the good company of all of God’s children!

And we women must remember that when we allow our weaknesses to serve us by helping us to be humble before God, He will teach us and lead us along. And with that understanding, we can refrain from self-criticism and see the purpose and wisdom of our blessed humanness.

All is well.

We’re here and learning…Glory hallelujah!

Much love to you,

P.S. Are you thinking about plans and goals for the New Year?! I can’t wait to get mine thought through and fleshed-out!

P.P.S. Would you consider adding personal coaching or Lioness seminar to the ways you can facilitate growth and change in a big way in 2019? Both are life-changing and affordable if you’re ready for the ride!

Lake at Evening


How are you doing this beautiful winter solstice night my friend?

Are you enjoying your family and friends, or are you uptight and trying to squeeze in a few more preparations for Christmas? {Without the uptight part, can we do both, prepare and enjoy?}

Every year, I learn a little bit more about stress! About what works for me and what I want to do differently next year! Especially, how stress keeps me from feeling “the love.”

Wherever you are in your evolution as a mother at Christmastime, I want to challenge you (and me) to do something right now:

Do one small thing to take care of yourself. Small. Right now.

It could be taking five deep breaths and saying a prayer of gratitude for what you are learning.

It could be taking a hot bath by candle light.

It could be asking someone for a foot massage.

It could be reading a good book for ten minutes.

It could be making a cup of peppermint tea and sipping on it while you wrap gifts!

It could be repeating the mantra, “I like myself, I love myself,” ten times.

It could be making a list of “helpful tips to self” for next year’s holiday season!

We are all human. We are all learning. We are all in need of grace and forgiveness and many, many second chances.

God grant us the wisdom to; do the work to learn, to get better and to be fully alive while we are here.

Sending you Christmas love tonight. You are a blessing. Thank you for inspiring me and for serving your wonderful families.

May your healthy traditions become treasured memories.

My Plan:


This post is inspiration and then an unblushing ad. Just so you know off the top. Two designs of Lioness planners are available for order, but first a word about the why.

I heard a wise man say, “plan your work and work your plan.” Sounds like a good idea doesn’t it?

Workspace minimal style

And, I can’t think of another occupation that needs planning more than family leading requires!

So many details to manage for one person or ten!

Dental visits, soccer games, homework, science projects, home maintenance, piano practicing, cooking, projects and on and on and on.

Yes, we can get good at being creative in our quick responses to the things we’ve forgotten or neglected or failed to prepare for, but that takes a lot of adrenaline doesn’t it? {Yes, I think we can all relate to that!}

But, I like my life so much better when I have taken the time to look over my week and connect the dots; how one day flows into the next; what I need to do to prepare for meals and meetings, goals and greeting cards, chores and children!

It seems to some that planning takes more work than just attending to whatever is making the most noise and or what is most pressing at the moment. But planning actually helps to quiet the noise of the things in your life that need attention, and puts you in the driver’s seat of deciding how to proceed, before, when at all possible, situations turn into emergencies.

I feel calmer, more connected and in control of myself and my responsibilities.

But the biggest blessing that comes from planning for me is a sense of my own boundaries. What I can say “yes” to for instance, or what and when I need to decline. What needs to be done on a given day so that I can stay up with the things that are most important to me.

I’m not perfect at planning. Some days I really under-utilize my beautiful Lioness planner! But without a place to keep notes, remember appointments, document doctor’s visits and car tune-up’s, I’d be in a terrible mess!

We created the Lioness planner for you too. We put soft reminders for self-care; places to keep track of when you took your car in for maintenance; declarations for the month and the week; monthly meal planning pages; year planning, month and week and day planning, and much more!

The reason we thought and talked and sketched and planned and designed and printed is so that we can feel empowered and at ease in this family-leadership life

The Lioness planner {in peach or lavender} is 188 beautiful pages of sanity. When you order, I’ll share a video with you about how to take advantage of all the mind-saving features we built-in.

I love a New Year and I hope that 2019 will be your best year yet!

And I hope that a Lioness planner might help you to accomplish all you dream of doing and becoming as you move forward and upward in the coming months!

My love to you,

Annual Lioness Planner $35
Here’s a sneak peek at a few pages…

Joy, Contentment & Humor


On good days,

and in challenging times.

When we’re together,

or even when we’re apart.

When we feel strong,

and when we feel in need of strengthening.

When we are confident and moving forward-

or when we are standing still, trying to take our bearings.

When we feel calm and rested,

and when we feel at a loss…

At all of these times, joy, contentment and humor can be a part of our lives.

We can feel loss and still know that all is well.

We can go through changes we may not have chosen, and still find humor and joy in our hearts as we find our way.

We can make a new plan and start down a new road and feel contentment alongside adventure and adjustment.

In all times, I wish you lighthearted joy, contentment, humor and peace.

Much love to you,