You Are


You are wonderful!













Generous and much more!

Which leads me to saying that I hope you are caring for your amazing self. {Yes, so that you can keep being and doing all of these lovely things!}

So what does self-care look like for you right now? What do you need?

A 30 minute walk while someone else watches your children? {Every function, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are benefited by exercise!}

Time with a friend?

A hot shower and clean clothes?

New, supportive declarations you can say each morning and night to also boost your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health?

Is there a supplement you might be needing?

Whatever it is, please take some time today to at least put into motion the process of getting the special care you need. Even starting will bring you energy and a greater sense of your personal power.

I’m sending you my love and best wishes today.


P.S. Isn’t it true that we are constantly teaching others how to treat us, by how we treat ourselves? Consider how you speak about yourself, present yourself, and what you expect of yourself. Are you modeling caring or neglect? Words that are kind or critical? This is what we have power to change. And it’s the change that really counts!

P.P.S. You are a major player in more people’s lives than you can imagine. Your health matters to many!



How is the summer going for you?

Have you been able to some spend time outdoors or just doing some things you love to do?

If you haven’t, I would challenge you to find a way to schedule in, even a few short activities or self-care things that you would like to do.

Renew. Renew. Renew.

Everyone wins when you are rested, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

You can do it!

Love to you,


Being In Love


When you believe and feel that you are cherished, that you belong, that you are resilient and able, while also feeling teachable and trusting– with a heart full of good will toward others–that is the sense of being “in love” that I am writing about today.

When we hit this stride, this level of self-acceptance and self-kindness, this is the time that we are oh so pleasant to be around!

This is when we draw others toward us.

This is when we know where we begin and others end. {We know our boundaries.}

This is when we care and others feel and know it!

This is when we give hugs and receive smiles.

This is when we dream and plan and assert ourselves into the future boldly.

This is when we are dwelling in the realm of possibility! {Not stagnating in mental walls of doubt.}

This is where we take calculated risks. Where we decide.

Where we start without knowing the end from the beginning.

Where we throw the light of our faith before our feet and trust that we can see enough to keep moving forward.

Where we listen for the quiet voice that is prompting us to help and lift and succor our spouse, our children and all our brothers and sisters.

This is my hope for all of us!

I pray that we can all be “there” more often and for longer and longer periods of time, until heaven is working backward into every experience of our lives.

Knowing that we belong and that we are cherished can come from our simple prayers. Cultivating resiliency and greater ability can come from keeping on our commitments and forgiving ourselves and others more quickly. Learning and trusting are earned and are life-long pursuits; practice being trustworthy. Having a full heart begins with gratitude for every simple gift we experience everyday from blue sky to food on the table to the countless and consistent ways that others are blessing us. Gratitude and fullness require a constant refitting of the lens with which we choose to see our world until we see things as they really are.

These goals are within reach of every one of us. Each of us can be “in love, and not to go out.”

Where do you want to be?

My love to you today and every day,



Bound and Rebound


One of my favorite short Pixar films is called Boundin, did you see that one? Please click the link and watch it if you’re interested, but I wanted to comment on the line, “You’ve got a pink kink in your think!” {One of the best lines of all time in my opinion!}

A “kink in your think” is a place in your thoughts or belief system that causes you to shoot yourself in the foot because your perspective and or focus is off!

One of the biggest kinks I think, is believing that somehow you are going to reach a place of ease and smooth sailing in your life. You’re going to work hard and be careful and check off all the right lists and that, somehow, will help you to rise above the human experience and stop needing or having soul-stretching experiences.

And if that weren’t skewed enough, you might then make it worse if you begin to believe that if {uh, just using if is indicative of lunacy} you do have a difficulty or a challenge that somehow you have failed!

Life is an exercise in contrasts. And accepting that is most liberating. “Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down.”

Yes, we want to learn from our current challenges and we do all the time. But what happens, after we’ve learned from this one, is that the scenery changes and new challenges come and we continue to work through them so that we continue to grow in our abilities and our outlook.

Having mountains to climb doesn’t mean that you haven’t figured things out and somehow you’re behind or not in the know. Mountains simply mean that you are climbing to greater heights! You can handle more than you used to handle. You feel better about yourself now than you did last year. You have accomplished important tasks and milestones and you have made people and places better than you found them in the process.

“We just bound, bound, bound and rebound!”

You are where you are because of the things you have learned. And you have learned because there was something to be solved.

Which leads to the truth that no comparison between you and another person is ever clear or justifiable. No! No comparing!

I wish you a wonderful middle-of-the-week deep breath in, in, in, hold, hold, hold, hold and now softly blowing out and out and out and out. Shoulders down, eyes closed for a moment and allow your jaw relax.

You’re doing just fine. No, you’re doing better than fine. You are great!

Lot’s o’ love!


P.S. Never stop asking for help. Cultivate the mindset of a student who is learning from everything and everyone, something that will benefit progress.
P.P.S. Heaven is always standing by to comfort and bless and strengthen you.



Love Them Now


I remember how tired I used to get when my kids were small. So tired I could cry. And I did cry too! But now my vantage point has changed.

On the other end of this ride we call parenting, you will find that those young, demanding years will have passed like a dream…

 So! I hope you will get all the rest you can in between rounds of meals and dishes and diapers; naps and walks and stories; baths and trips to the library; games and letters and colors and shapes; car seats and helmets and roller blades; dolls and cars and balls and toy dishes…

Because while this is a wild ride, it is also relatively short. And there is so much joy to be had in the minuscule, tiny moments when you have the chance to see the world through your child’s eyes.

Listen to them and to their concerns and thoughts as much as you can. Laugh and read and play and be carefree as much as you can. Forgive yourself quickly. Forgive them quickly.

And count all of the work and sweat and tears as joy.

You are so blessed. And so am I.

With great love,