You’re Doing Beautifully!

Hello my friend, how does this day find you? Challenged? Fighting the good fight? Are you feeling like you have things all figured out, like you have the world by the tail or this mothering thing down pat? {No? I haven’t arrived at that mystical place either!} Maybe you wonder sometimes if you’re cut out […]

Consider This

I was reminded this week of something I believe about you. You may not agree, or you may feel that the evidence of your life as it is today may suggest otherwise, but here it is: I believe you were prepared for the joys and challenges you are experiencing right now. Not only prepared by […]

Those Wrong Songs

I say “wrong” because they aren’t true, and I’m referring to the songs in our culture that worship people, even those we love. The music that says, “If you leave me, I won’t have any reason to go on.” Or, those that sing along the lines of, “If you decide to be unfaithful to me, […]

How Sweet It Is

Yesterday I had the privilege of sitting behind a young family at a Sacrament service. There were three little people…all the same age! What I heard and saw was so inspirational to me and reminds me why I am confident in the strength and goodness of so many parents today. I saw a lot of […]

Be Yourself

You’re learning. You’re watching. You’re paying attention to the experience of others. You have some of your mother’s traits. You may have things you do just like your dad. But even so, there is no one else in the world who is uniquely you. A shift from imitation to recognition may be in order. While […]