Victims No More

Hello! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the majority of parents in the world today were bravely in agent mode and feeling like “victims no more?” And teaching their kids to be loving and responsible people? It’s a great goal, but we have a way to go don’t we? I would guess that you want your […]

You Are

You are a fighter. You are a winner. You are a believer. You are a lover. You are a bright, bright light. You are a bouncer-back. You are a beautiful, feminine power. You are creative! You are brave. You are kind. You are loved, so much more than you know. {And sometimes this is what […]

Pineapple and Ginger Sticky Rice

Oh my sisters! I’m excited to share this new recipe with you. If you like sticky rice desserts, I think you may want to try this out! Tonight, we were having this Sweet Potato Curry Soup and this Thai Peanut Salad for dinner, so I wanted to have a little sweet bite for dessert that […]

Now That’s Sweet!

I’m writing today to fulfill a request to offer some information and experience about different natural sweetener alternatives. I hope you’ll find it helpful! First of all, I’ve been the proverbial canary in the mine most of my life. Sugar has always made me sick. Not always immediately, but soon enough. In my adult life, […]

Consider This

I was reminded this week of something I believe about you. You may not agree, or you may feel that the evidence of your life as it is today may suggest otherwise, but here it is: I believe you were prepared for the joys and challenges you are experiencing right now. Not only prepared by […]