Lioness Six Month Coaching (distance or in person) is a life-changing experience. You will set goals, learn new skills, clean-up the conversation in your head and much more. I look forward to being in your corner, listening, validating and walking beside you as you take baby steps toward your best self. This program is for those who have a passion for learning and want to take their health and relationships to the next level. “Lioness coaching is absolutely heaven sent! Life-changing!” Brenna

As a society, we are struggling mightily with relationships. From food to health care, from family solidarity to addiction, we are in great need of change. I believe that the change we need can start with mothers who are willing to narrow their focus, by limiting distractions, and do what it takes to create health and belonging at home. But first we must become well ourselves. We must learn to manage our minds and emotions, develop a clear vision, lighten our loads, learn the skills of validation and the setting of healthy boundaries, and learn how to manage our relationships with people, time and food! The 7 Steps Seminar will raise your awareness, help you to take stock of your current situation and guide you step by baby step toward greater family health and peace. This group class {of 7-10 women} meets once a month for seven months. Coaching in a group setting is powerful! I hope to see you there!

Mini Programs

Would you prefer to make changes in your life a little step at a time? Lioness mini programs may be the best choice for you! Consider doing a mini program each month, or better yet, sign-up with a friend or family member so that you can work and learn together! Remember that the magic of coaching is accountability. Without it, we read about change, we think about change and we might talk about changing, but usually we don’t commit to making it happen without support.

Healing with Love

Monthly Class and Group Coaching

Do you ever wish you had more support in figuring out the drama of family life? Are you often angry, frustrated, stressed or in chronic, physical pain? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place! Lioness at the Door is pleased as punch to present, Healing with Love, a monthly class designed to help you understand the why of family drama, with all it’s attendant stress and suffering, and equip you with the tools you need to step out of pain and into much greater balance and peace, health and happiness!


"Jacque has coached me through many phases of my life, on multiple occasions. I have done coaching twice and several of her seminars and classes. Jacque has a beautiful way of listening and helping you see where you can improve. She has so much wisdom and experience. She gives you specific, easy to tackle steps to get you closer to what your goals are. If you do the work, you will come out victorious on the other end! I love being a part of Jacque's community of "Lioness" women. It will forever have an impact on my life for the better. I wouldn't be who I am without it!"


"Wow, (during Lioness coaching) there were so many changes to my health! The number one thing being my mental/emotional health... which in turn greatly affects our overall health. I am so grateful that you taught me the root cause of my pain and tools to help combat that. I went from feeling like my life was over... literally... like I wouldn't be able to raise my children, to feeling like I can thrive and help my family thrive. That means everything to me."


"I am beyond grateful that I made the investment in coaching. I feel like when I started coaching this time, I was at a major cross roads. My life could have gone in two different directions and you helped guide me onto the correct one. The one that leads to love, peace, and health. Having that information and being on that path is priceless."

Lioness Client

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Oct 10-16, 2021