Still and Deep

Do you ever have days when you feel that you are coming apart at the seams? As if you have been so stretched and so challenged with all you have to attend to that your thoughts feel disjointed and you feel almost fractured, mind, body and soul? If or when you ever feel that way, […]

Lioness Self-Coaching

In the current business world, there are coaching gurus who offer their version of a paved road to success as an entrepreneur. After listening to these many, mostly very successful business people, I think their messages boil down to one thing: In order to be successful, you have to have a vision of the outcome […]

Practice Waiting

There isn’t much in this world that encourages patience, is there? And yet, the work we do in families is a series of long term investments, many, if not most, with late returns! It’s perplexing some days to wonder if your seven-year-old will ever learn to sit quietly for any length of time. Or if […]

Lioness Self-Talk

It’s been a full day. So full that after dinner was made, served and eaten, I was seriously thinking about putting my feet up and reading a chapter in one of my current books. {David McCullough’s 1776 and Cassandra’s Sister-Growing Up Jane Austen, by Veronica Bennett, both quite enjoyable!} But then there was the dilemma […]

Now That’s Sweet!

I’m writing today to fulfill a request to offer some information and experience about different natural sweetener alternatives. I hope you’ll find it helpful! First of all, I’ve been the proverbial canary in the mine most of my life. Sugar has always made me sick. Not always immediately, but soon enough. In my adult life, […]