Change is a Beautiful Thing!

What do we lose when we change from feeling empty and alone to feeling loved? irritability anger drama pseudo-love seeking exhaustion pain fear What do we gain when we learn to be charitable, beginning with realizing our need to say things like, “I’m sorry; I love you…?” joy peace of conscience greater faith more time […]

Mama, Speak My Name

Mama, speak my name with love. Not with suspicion;Not in anger;Not with disgust;Not in condemnation;Not with malice;Not with resentment;Not with threats;Not in pain. Mama, speak my name with love,and I will hear you,Come to you,Learn from you and Be healed. My friend, I wish you a glorious Sunday! Brim full of the knowledge that love, […]

Where is Your Attention?

Hi! Just a few questions for you, hopefully to assist you (and me) in making some progress. Today! Recently I read this quote, and it’s been kicking around in my head: “No problem can withstand the force of your concentrated, loving attention.” So, I’m asking myself, what have I been focusing on lately? What challenges […]

“You’re Doing it Peter!”

(Have I used this lost boys Hook quote, before? No mind, it fits!) Because, I see you Offering love and grace to your spouse, Caring for your children– (And neighbors & friends & parents), Working hard, taking on life! Exerting your faith (when you’re tempted to despair), Keeping your head… Getting knocked down– And getting […]

Thanks Be to God

Glory be! God is good. Hello, and I hope you are well, this almost spring day! Sometimes, it is easy to give thanks, because it is a natural response to feeling loved and valued and having our needs met! But what about the times when we feel conflicted or wronged or empty and or needy? […]