Driving Through Life

Your hands are on the wheel and they are never still. They move the wheel ever so slightly, making small course corrections to keep your vehicle between the lines. So it is at the wheel of your mind. A curve toward distraction here, a detour into self-pity there, and with small course corrective thoughts, I […]

My Wish For You

Merry Christmas to you and yours! I have a simple wish for you: It is that you will be able to feel the love and joy that are around you now. Even if everything isn’t perfect. Even if things are undone. Even if money is tight. As a young mother, it’s all too easy to […]

Find Real Love For Yourself

“If your parents failed to give you enough Real Love, don’t blame them. Just use that understanding to motivate you to take the steps to find Real Love and share it with your children.” Dr. Greg Baer {I really need the things I am learning about Real Love, so I’m hoping that you might benefit […]

A State of Being: Kind

Remember the saying, “kindness begins with me?” Maybe we should amend that. Kindness begins with me being kind to myself; then I can be truly kind to others. Today, I challenge you to speak the truth to yourself using your powerful declarations! Word such as: “I am loved.”“I am a daughter of the Great God […]

You Are Loved!

Here’s a simple but power-packed question for you to consider: What if you knew, deep in your bones, that you are fully and unconditionally loved, right now? In other words, what if you knew you didn’t have to prove yourself in order to be loved? Or to prove all of womankind? And especially that you […]