Still and Deep

Do you ever have days when you feel that you are coming apart at the seams? As if you have been so stretched and so challenged with all you have to attend to that your thoughts feel disjointed and you feel almost fractured, mind, body and soul? If or when you ever feel that way, […]

You’re Doing Beautifully!

Hello my friend, how does this day find you? Challenged? Fighting the good fight? Are you feeling like you have things all figured out, like you have the world by the tail or this mothering thing down pat? {No? I haven’t arrived at that mystical place either!} Maybe you wonder sometimes if you’re cut out […]

Our Thoughts: The Ultimate Battlefield

We’re all fighting a battle at the door of our minds. No matter what our circumstances, no matter the day, we’re choosing how to think about whatever is happening, what thoughts to let in, what thoughts to reject. Sometimes we feel frustrated or angry or unloved…and every time we feel those feelings, we can trace […]

Finding the Double Win

In family life, we have to remember, that it’s the little stuff that makes all the difference! The baby steps we take, right now, can mean the difference between health or misery tomorrow! Like our thinking for instance- We have equations in our minds all the time. It’s just one of those things like breathing, […]

“Mrs. Henry Gillespie”

I have an embossing stamp that used to be my Granny’s. It reads, “Mrs. Henry Gillespie” along with her return address. Can you imagine having your identity listed in that way? Interesting isn’t it, how so much has changed in such a short period of time? For instance, families used to live close to each […]