By Definition

“Real Love is caring about the happiness of another person without any expectation for what we might receive in return….Real Love is, “I care how you feel.” Conditional love is, “I like how you make me feel.” “When we unconditionally care about our children’s happiness, they feel a powerful connection to us. They feel included […]

Find Real Love For Yourself

“If your parents failed to give you enough Real Love, don’t blame them. Just use that understanding to motivate you to take the steps to find Real Love and share it with your children.” Dr. Greg Baer {I really need the things I am learning about Real Love, so I’m hoping that you might benefit […]

Loving Them

“In school most of us study subjects like geometry and history–despite the fact that we rarely use them in real life–but few of us are trained to help a child to become a responsible, loving, and happy human being, a skill most of us are required to employ every day as we engage in perhaps […]

A State of Being: Kind

Remember the saying, “kindness begins with me?” Maybe we should amend that. Kindness begins with me being kind to myself; then I can be truly kind to others. Today, I challenge you to speak the truth to yourself using your powerful declarations! Word such as: “I am loved.”“I am a daughter of the Great God […]

Less Anger, Less Regret

Hello! I hope you are breathing and taking December in stride. {I’m working on the stride part!} I’ve been inspired lately by many things! Today, I’d like to share two principles I think fit together quite nicely. The first, is an insight from an article I read recently, that encouraged me to focus on being […]