Thank Heaven

Hello friend. Today, after a few weeks watching a challenging situation with a child, the proverbial dam broke and there were emotions to work through. I listened and quietly did my best to explain some of the confusing and painful events he’s encountered. His heart was tender. My heart was tender. And, as we sat […]

Sunshine in Your Soul

Good day! I hope you are well. Just a short note today to encourage you to use your words. Have you ever prompted a toddler to abandon their infant communication patterns by using the new words they have acquired instead of crying to let you know what they need? In the same vein, I believe […]

What is the Point?

Hello there, I hope you are well this fine day! Today has been a log-jam of thoughts about the big, big picture: Thoughts about the why of all our nurturing efforts. Thoughts about the consequences of our neglect; neglect of ourselves and the people we love and the relationships we’ve built. Thoughts about the critical, […]

Real Love #1

Hello! I hope you are well today! Just a quick post on the first principle of Real Love, as written by Greg Baer in Real Love in Parenting. First and foremost, our kids need to feel loved. That’s it. Think about what makes you feel loved… Is it being heard and understood? Being known, as […]

Focus on Progress

Recently, we attended a beautiful celebration for the wedding of our nephew and his sparkly bride. Afterward, this left-over arrangement ended up at our house. I enjoyed it so much because I don’t know that I’ve ever seen hydrangea in this delicate blush color. I decided to take a picture so I could share it […]