Think Process

Do you ever get out of patience because it seems as though you are teaching and learning, but you don’t know if you or your children are making any progress? Teaching and learning are kind of like growing out a bad haircut. It takes 1000 times longer than you want it to take! And it […]


I’m excited to share an article with you that a dear friend recently shared with me. {Thank you Ann!} She reports that it was written at least 40 years ago and has no byline except, Anonymous. Knowing that this was written before many of you were born, I offer a few notes about the author’s […]

Small Means

It never ceases to amaze me how misaligned our beliefs can become. Do we sometimes think that our life won’t really have meaning until we accomplish some big and public thing? Or that what we do in family life each day somehow pales in comparison to what we or others are doing out there? That […]

Day 30- Victory!

I’m so proud of you! I’m so proud of us! Wow, we made it to day 30! Huuuurah!!! So now I ask, what did you learn about yourself during this process? Have you spent more time building your reserves? Have you improved some aspect of your health or home? Have you deepened your emotional reservoir […]

Day 28- Pay The Price

I have a friend who is struggling mightily to find purpose and meaning in existence, and to discover anything that will trump their thoughts of anxiety and worry in day to day life. It’s a massive struggle and, it’s also challenging to watch! Mostly because there is a way out, but it has to be […]