Grounded and Settled

There’s so much of an entitlement attitude hanging around isn’t there? We hear it in every news cast and see it on every billboard. It’s the stuff that marketing these days is made of. {“You deserve it all…right now!”} We witness this form of pride in law suits, family quarrels and divorce courts. And oh, […]

Mother Power

Would you like to be more influential in your children’s lives? I recently heard an older gentleman praising his wife of many years. {I even jotted down his last sentence because it was so profound I couldn’t stand it!} Speaking of their family, he said, “She takes care of us, and we follow her lead.” […]

7 Steps to Family Wellness

Life can be messy and complicated. There are constant ups and downs. Kids get sick. Plans get changed. Jobs change. The weather changes. Well, really, most everything changes and we do our best to stay afloat! But more than that, we can learn ways to be proactive and create patterns of support to help us […]

“Helping Kids Flourish”

Hello, just wanted to let you know about a fun event coming up! I’m excited to be participating in an interactive and powerful seminar for parents! There will be four different presenters, each teaching and sharing various techniques, skills, information and life-changing experiences! We will also sample some delicious snacks, enjoy a little entertainment and […]

Lioness Self-Coaching

In the current business world, there are coaching gurus who offer their version of a paved road to success as an entrepreneur. After listening to these many, mostly very successful business people, I think their messages boil down to one thing: In order to be successful, you have to have a vision of the outcome […]