Day 17- Time to Be

Your children are young right now. They won’t be tomorrow. They are curious and hungry to learn. They learn from play and experimentation and discovering the world in their own backyard! This all happens just once. Mud pies and stink bugs, a curly dog, a sunning cat and a feather blowing in the wind. Children […]

Day 16- Overwhelmed by Grace

Hello my friend! How is your self-care journey coming along? Thank you for the words of wisdom and experience you have shared in your comments! Please continue! Something that I believe is crucial to creating a self-caring environment for yourself is learning to create declarations that will support your thinking. Years ago, my Granny gave […]

Day 13- Primary Food

What do you do, that nourishes you? What do you do that is so interesting and enjoyable that you seem to lose track of time when you’re doing it? Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash Have something in mind? {Or even something that you want to learn?} How can you carve out a little time to spend on […]

Speaking Up

Today I am almost speechless. Instead of writing about the details of the events happening today in the country that I love, (things that are unconscionable to me!) I will write about what rings true to me as I observe “our” current, collective way of thinking and living. The greatest physical and spiritual power we […]

Very Well!

Just a note to say, “Good work today!” As you look back on this day, you may wonder if you did enough, or if you handled things well- You may consider your efforts to keep peace and create order as lacking or you may be tempted to compare yourself to someone you know who seems […]