All Your Light

We’ve had a ride these last few months haven’t we? While there have been uncertainties and strangeness, chaos and devastation in some cases throughout this year, there have also been many potential and effectual blessings. The blessings of being together with family more often and more exclusively. (Some days a challenge and a blessing.) The […]

Creating The Ideal Home

Hello my friend, I hope this post finds you well! I recently had a conversation with an amazing client who used something like this title phrase, “creating the ideal home,” to describe a profound realization she had. Her ah-ha moment was so important, I’d like to share the gist with you. (Lovely client, you know […]

Just Cycling Through

Do you sometimes feel like your marriage might be taking more effort than it should? Does it feel flawed and faulty and gimping along? That’s ok! Great marriages take a great amount of work! Step back, rest, renew yourself and return to the privilege of learning from the one who loves you best, the mirror […]

A Word About Anger

Hey Sista! I hope this finds you well and in good spirits! Here’s a Real Love idea that I’ve been determined to understand and live. (It’s amazing the process we go through as we’re learning isn’t it? We grasp a little here and a little there, we have the rude awakening of seeing ourselves more […]

“Mawwiage; Is What Bwings Us Togevuh Today”

I love the Real Love in Marriage book! (Granted, some days I love it because it clears up some confusion I’ve had and other days I love it because it slaps me awake!) Hiya, I hope you’re well! Can I say that marriage and family life can be extremely challenging? If you disagree with that […]