On The Other Side

Do you think you have failed? Feel fallen from grace? Were you wrong to dream? Did you shoot too high? Did you risk too much? Do you feel abandoned on the way and alone in raging fear? Sister, I know that road, it’s signs of detour and danger ahead! So I can tell you truly. […]


Hello my Friend! I hope you are well. This morning I woke up thinking about peace. About lifting off emotional weight; feeling lighter in our steps; being habitually more relaxed and having calmness in our interactions with others. Mostly, having a clear conscience, which feels like inhaling and resting in light! How are you feeling […]

Planners Ho!

Hey there my friend! I hope you are turning the calendar this year with hope for better things to come. We had a Lioness planner class this evening and I was delighted to visit with some of you young mothers, and hear your desires to create goodness and order. Especially since goodness and order are […]

Crystal Clear Vision

Hello! I hope you are well! In the realm of family life, why is it so important to see ourselves (our behavior, our facial expressions, our attitudes, our tone of voice, our loving-ness or our unloving-ness) in our interactions with our loved ones? The answer is simply that nothing is going to change until we […]

Finding Love

God’s grace is sufficient, even for tired moms at Christmastime!