Lemony Muffins!

I love the fresh flavor of lemon! If you do too, I think you’ll love the recipe I’ve been working on this month. I started with white beans because I wanted these muffins to be high in protein and free of highly refined flours. {And, as a side note, in the early morning when I […]

I Love Real Food!

Hi there, I hope you’re well today! I was recently reading through this new cookbook I purchased. Yes! There is a cookbook to compliment French Women Don’t Get Fat! I just discovered it myself! If you haven’t yet discovered French Women Don’t Get Fat, it’s a delightful stroll! Mireille explains a French way of thinking […]

Now That’s Sweet!

I’m writing today to fulfill a request to offer some information and experience about different natural sweetener alternatives. I hope you’ll find it helpful! First of all, I’ve been the proverbial canary in the mine most of my life. Sugar has always made me sick. Not always immediately, but soon enough. In my adult life, […]


Anyone working on getting rid of a cold or the flu at your house? I hope not, but if so, here’s a simple idea for making lemon juice ice cubes and a soothing tea of lemon, ginger and honey. When you find lemons for a good price, stock up and juice them all at once. […]

Day 2: Hydration & Baby Steps Count!

When we think about making healthy changes, sometimes we want to change everything all at once! {That go-big-or-go-home thinking can sometimes paralyze us, even when we are feeling extremely motivated!} That is partly why we are doing this challenge in a really short time-frame! We are going to practice taking baby steps toward a healthier […]