Woman, Keep Breathing Deeply

Hello my friend. I hope this post today finds you well, and breathing deeply! I am aware that many of you are spending a lot of mental and emotional energy on the question: what will happen with school this year? (Or on some equally compelling question you’re working hard to answer.) Wow, my hat is […]

Real Love in Parenting

I heard a poem recently that touched me and got me thinking about doing what it takes to learn Real Love in parenting, and the principle of sacrifice: giving up something we want now, for something we want more later; or as Merriam Webster put it, “the destruction or surrender of something for the sake […]

Rethinking The Motivation Behind Your Child’s Behavior

A few generations back, kids were supposed to stay quiet and out of the way. Later, they became more a part of the fabric of society, but if they got noisy or demanding, they were labeled irritating, troubled, bratty and difficult. Adults often felt their children’s “misbehavior” was an assault on them personally, as if […]

Just Cycling Through

Do you sometimes feel like your marriage might be taking more effort than it should? Does it feel flawed and faulty and gimping along? That’s ok! Great marriages take a great amount of work! Step back, rest, renew yourself and return to the privilege of learning from the one who loves you best, the mirror […]

Snap Out!

While visiting with a lovely client recently, we spent some time pulling apart the need we sometimes have for distraction. The kind that is always at our fingertips; blingy and bright and has moving pictures; is deliberately designed to engage our senses and keep us entranced as time, the stuff of life, floats by. What […]