You’re Doing Beautifully!

Hello my friend, how does this day find you? Challenged? Fighting the good fight? Are you feeling like you have things all figured out, like you have the world by the tail or this mothering thing down pat? {No? I haven’t arrived at that mystical place either!} Maybe you wonder sometimes if you’re cut out […]

Our Thoughts: The Ultimate Battlefield

We’re all fighting a battle at the door of our minds. No matter what our circumstances, no matter the day, we’re choosing how to think about whatever is happening, what thoughts to let in, what thoughts to reject. Sometimes we feel frustrated or angry or unloved…and every time we feel those feelings, we can trace […]

Finding the Double Win

In family life, we have to remember, that it’s the little stuff that makes all the difference! The baby steps we take, right now, can mean the difference between health or misery tomorrow! Like our thinking for instance- We have equations in our minds all the time. It’s just one of those things like breathing, […]

Coco Balls: Power Packed Protein & Chocolate

Hello, I hope this post finds you well! Here’s a little dessert or snack recipe that is packed with protein, healthy fats and is oh, so yummy! (My friend Jenny inspired me with her wonderful nut clusters recipe.) After trying several variations, I landed on this beefy version. My granddaughter named them “Coco Balls,” and […]

How Do I Love Thee?

I love my husband, with “the breath, smiles and tears of my life!” That said, a big part of our relationship, has been learning to understand what each of us wants out of our relationship and out of life in general, and in coming to understand the many ways that we are different! It takes […]