“Mrs. Henry Gillespie”

I have an embossing stamp that used to be my Granny’s. It reads, “Mrs. Henry Gillespie” along with her return address. Can you imagine having your identity listed in that way? Interesting isn’t it, how so much has changed in such a short period of time? For instance, families used to live close to each […]

Who You Are

Are you ready for a little profundity?? In a discussion recently, I heard a very deep thinker say, “I’m always changing to be who I’ve always been.” {Stanford Yonkers} Swish that around and see how it settles! To me, it is soul poetry! Love, “The mission of Lioness at the Door is to uplift, strengthen […]

We Need You!

Ever get tired of feeling like you don’t measure up or that you’re the only one who didn’t get the memo about life or that somehow you just don’t fit in? The great irony is that everyone feels like that sometimes! But the truth is: You do measure up. You aren’t the only one who […]

Giving From Gratitude

There are so many things we learn in our scriptural texts that have far greater reaching outcomes than we can imagine. Only with practice and experience and a lot of living do we get glimpses of the layers of meaning that are there for our benefit! One such principle I’m trying to better implement and […]

Clean & Fresh

Isn’t it comforting to step out of a bath or shower and dry off with a soft, fluffy, sweet-smelling towel? And isn’t it awful when the towel you just washed and dried smells sour, even though you used a good detergent and put it promptly into the dryer, and maybe even used a dryer sheet? […]