Real Love, Real Neighbors

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Fred Rogers I loved Mr. Rogers when I was a child! Probably because I felt that he cared about me and loved me […]

Change and Growth

Hello my friend! I hope this finds you well. Today I want to shout out to Lioness Seminar 2019-2020 ladies! You did such an amazing job this past month! We met Saturday and reported on our assignments. I was blown away with the amount of effort and energy expended to make progress on the goals […]

Lighten Your Load

Hello! I hope you are feeling well this beautiful, sunny day! In seminar we are working through the second step in the 7 Steps to Family Wellness. It is called “Lighten Your Load!” and it’s about becoming aware of the emotional noise that may be hiding in our home environment and in our to do […]

Granola Girl

Hello Sweetness, I hope this day found you well! It’s fall here and the air is crisp and the light is softening and slanting and it makes for such a beautiful, nostalgic time! What foods do you pair with autumn? Peach or apple pie? Butternut soup? Why not make some wonderful memories for you your […]

7 Steps to Family Wellness

Life can be messy and complicated. There are constant ups and downs. Kids get sick. Plans get changed. Jobs change. The weather changes. Well, really, most everything changes and we do our best to stay afloat! But more than that, we can learn ways to be proactive and create patterns of support to help us […]