Lioness Self-Coaching

In the current business world, there are coaching gurus who offer their version of a paved road to success as an entrepreneur. After listening to these many, mostly very successful business people, I think their messages boil down to one thing: In order to be successful, you have to have a vision of the outcome […]

“Mrs. Henry Gillespie”

I have an embossing stamp that used to be my Granny’s. It reads, “Mrs. Henry Gillespie” along with her return address. Can you imagine having your identity listed in that way? Interesting isn’t it, how so much has changed in such a short period of time? For instance, families used to live close to each […]

Home Again!

Hello my friends! I’m happy to be back at the keyboard after a little construction work has been happening on the Lioness site! {It was perfect timing since I’ve been on a little vacation too.} I hope you’ll take a minute to look around here and see the changes that have been in the works […]

Day 19- Speak For Yourself

Hello! Welcome to the 19th day of our focus on self-care. I’m so glad you’re here! Today, I’m posting the script of the declaration video so that you can speak them aloud for yourself. I would suggest that you even go a step further and record your voice speaking them, then listen to these truths […]

Day 11- Block Your Time

Hello my friend, I hope you’re doing well today. It’s been fun to hear your ideas and questions and experiences. Thank you for joining in the conversation! Today’s self-care idea is about easing up the stress in your life by making decisions about what you do each day. {If you’re using the Lioness planner, you […]