Boldness, Not Overbearance

30 years ago, while I was in the hospital waiting for labor inducing drugs to take effect, I started reading a book about an American Indian tribe. {Happy birthday Brad and thanks for the book Vicki!} Specifically significant to me was a chapter about a young Indian mother who needed to correct her teenage son. […]

In Preparation

We are always faced with change! Some we like and welcome, like as a balm for our relief. Some we feel blind-sided by because we didn’t see it coming, or because it impacts our lives in some way we may not feel ready to navigate. But most often, whether we know it or not, we […]

Keep The Faith

There is a time after being inspired, deciding to implement that inspiration, and beginning some new behavior before you actually see the results. It’s the growing time. And sometimes we get impatient and want proof right now that we are on the right track, or that eventually our efforts will be rewarded! In that window, […]

Home Again!

Hello my friends! I’m happy to be back at the keyboard after a little construction work has been happening on the Lioness site! {It was perfect timing since I’ve been on a little vacation too.} I hope you’ll take a minute to look around here and see the changes that have been in the works […]

His Brain; Her Brain

I used to think that women were capable multi-tasker’s. That we could swoop into a room and accomplish ten things at a time! And, as if we were using a magic wand, we could see the results of our powers in quick succession. Wow! But now, I’m changing my mind. It might be because I […]