Day 30- Victory!

I’m so proud of you! I’m so proud of us! Wow, we made it to day 30! Huuuurah!!! So now I ask, what did you learn about yourself during this process? Have you spent more time building your reserves? Have you improved some aspect of your health or home? Have you deepened your emotional reservoir […]

Day 29- Write a New Story

The story that is being told in our heads can determine whether we truly care for ourselves or not. And how easy or difficult self-care will be. If it’s a negative or stagnant story, it may be draining our energy and resources. If it’s a story of forward motion, of forgiveness and reconciliation, of accountability […]

Day 28- Pay The Price

I have a friend who is struggling mightily to find purpose and meaning in existence, and to discover anything that will trump their thoughts of anxiety and worry in day to day life. It’s a massive struggle and, it’s also challenging to watch! Mostly because there is a way out, but it has to be […]

Day 27- Practice Contentment

“Paradise is where I am.” Voltaire What is contentment? Is it all beauty and no rush? Is it order and growing? Is it possible? Is it quiet or loud? Is it peaceful? Is it now? To care for yourself, I hope you might consider creating a contented paradise wherever you are! {Surely, everyone will want […]

Day 26- Peace Like a River

Life can be pretty challenging. And finding peace sometimes seems illusive! But…it is always there, waiting for you to opt in! To care for yourself, whenever you feel harried or haggard, happy or hungry, you can step quietly into a peaceful place to renew your strength. Sometimes that might be going for a walk alone. […]