His Brain; Her Brain

I used to think that women were capable multi-tasker’s. That we could swoop into a room and accomplish ten things at a time! And, as if we were using a magic wand, we could see the results of our powers in quick succession. Wow! But now, I’m changing my mind. It might be because I […]

Right as Rain

There is purpose in rain. Though it can be cold. And inconvenient. And seem to ruin the best-laid picnic plans. There is purpose in the cold, inconvenient, plan-changing events in our lives. We just have to move through the experience and find it. Ask for it. And learn. Sending you my best wishes for a […]

True Motives

What motivates you? Really, deep down? Maybe I could ask, what gives you the most satisfaction? I can think of several big events in my life that have represented a lot of effort, sometimes years of work to get to that culminating, celebratory moment. And they were great. And somewhat satisfying. But, as I consider […]

Take Hold!

Part of the “growing up” that we are all trying to do, is learning to move our minds in the direction we need them to go. Case in point: When you have a big day ahead of you, is your automatic or untrained way of thinking, to move into stress and fear and anxiety? Or […]

The Cream of the Cream

I was thinking about you today. And the more I thought, the more it sunk home to me how wonderful you are! You are the best of the best. You are hard-working and loyal. You are kind, gentle, respectful and FIRM. You are willing to say you are sorry and start over. You forgive quickly […]