What They Really Need

When our children were small, we opted not to have t.v. reception. It was always interesting to me to see the difference in our kids when we were staying for a short time anyplace there was a lot of t.v. watching. All of a sudden, they were preoccupied with what they now knew they needed! […]

Make Pudding Not Proof

Kind of like saying, make love not war! Only, we don’t really plan to create war when we think we have to prove ourselves to others. But that thinking does create contention, by inevitably, creating competitive situations with everyone around us. Today though, I’d like to challenge you to stop competing with your spouse. Think […]


To quote my daughter, “There is peace in decision.” And it’s true isn’t it? When I find places for things that have been sitting around without a home; when I make a plan with a friend; when I decide what I’m cooking for the week; when I take action and move my thrift store donations […]

Walk On

The longer I live, the more convinced I am that at least 75% of our success will be attributed to the fact that we kept moving. Not that we just kept busy, necessarily. But more that we kept moving through experiences, instead of getting stuck in them. Do you recognize the places you might be […]

Gathering Light

Keep trying. Keep moving. Keep asking. Keep deciding. Keep rowing. Keep loving. Keep growing. Keep shedding. Keep learning. Keep evolving. Keep praying. Keep soaring. Hope is smiling brightly before you. Close your eyes and see her there! With love, “The mission of Lioness at the Door is to uplift, strengthen and encourage women of all […]