Speaking Up

Today I am almost speechless. Instead of writing about the details of the events happening today in the country that I love, (things that are unconscionable to me!) I will write about what rings true to me as I observe “our” current, collective way of thinking and living. The greatest physical and spiritual power we […]

Very Well!

Just a note to say, “Good work today!” As you look back on this day, you may wonder if you did enough, or if you handled things well- You may consider your efforts to keep peace and create order as lacking or you may be tempted to compare yourself to someone you know who seems […]

Feminine and Fine

I am hearing some business and thought leaders saying that femininity is needed in our world. Hurrah! Yes, yes I completely agree! And I’m encouraged by the growing realization that when women shift into a driven, competitive, aggressive masculine energy, it brings more imbalance to our world instead of the feminine counter balance and blessed […]

“Oh, I Can Feel It!”

{That is a Kronk quote in case you haven’t seen the Emperor’s New Groove lately.} Only I’m talking about feeling the power of validation! When your child has a problem and they come to you in anger or frustration and blurt out who is being mean or what happened on the way home from school […]

The Basics

I heard an insightful talk recently about strengthening families. The speaker referred to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, {remember, the pyramid that begins at the bottom with basic needs being met, then rising to the top with the ability to self-actualize, or fully develop one’s talents and gifts?} and suggested that we may think that in […]