Unwind on Purpose

Just a reminder- Taking care of oneself is productive. Maybe even more productive than most things that we think are worthy of our time. Without our humor, our health and flexibility, we can’t do the things we dream of doing or just those things we want to get done. Patience is involved right? When you […]

Be Here Now!

Don’t wait until everything is in place to breathe! Or for your to-do list to be crossed-off. {Can a few baby steps toward having your long-term projects be done and doing your daily chores as you go along, count it as productive? Because any movement forward is progress!} Or wait for a sunnier day! Use […]

Learning Any Way

Whether we are telling our brains to think and speak well of ourselves and others, and we’re rehearsing positives on purpose day in and day out {and reaping the happy benefits} or, if we are telling our brains to listen to negatives and believe negatives and speak of negatives and rehearse negatives, {and suffering the […]

Servant Leader Loves

We sometimes get confused. We might ask ourselves, “If I commend myself for a job well-done, am I proud?” or “If I berate myself, does that make me humble?” I’d say, no and no. I just finished cleaning the kitchen. It was one job in the middle of 15 others that was calling for my […]

Worthy Pursuits

Any sacrifice you are making to teach and support and nurture and strengthen your family will pay you in the end. We’re here to grow together. Even the greatest pain- childbirth, temporary separation, saying you’re sorry and asking forgiveness, finding the strength to forgive; all will be nothing compared to the joy that comes to […]