The Basics

I heard an insightful talk recently about strengthening families. The speaker referred to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, {remember, the pyramid that begins at the bottom with basic needs being met, then rising to the top with the ability to self-actualize, or fully develop one’s talents and gifts?} and suggested that we may think that in […]

Whose Is It?

Learning to know where we end and where our children begin is of utmost importance. What problems/challenges/desires/opportunities belong to us? Which problems/challenges/desires/opportunities belong to them? Our children need us to get this right. They need to learn to solve problems, speak up, make decisions and gain their independence one small step at a time. If […]

That’s It!

If you’re a parent you’ll know what I mean when I say that some of the pep talks I’ve given my kids get given back to me when I need them! No doubt this will be one. And that’s good! It means they’re listening in and… heaven knows, I do need reminders! To start, a […]

Boundaries For Balance

Ever feel that you’re not sure if you should be pushing yourself to do more or if you should slow down and do less? This is a daily question for we women, particularly mothers who are doing their best to cover the every day demands of a family such as planning and preparing meals, taking […]


Your strength is extraordinary! Your ability to keep going even when you are hurting. Your drive to function {even cheerfully} on half a night’s sleep….again. Your tenacity. Your determination to lead. To teach. To train. In a word, your love makes you as strong as steel even when you may feel weak. {Even when you […]