Happy Valentine’s Day!

Three years ago, I posted this recipe for black bean brownies.  I re-post it today with a new topping idea in time for Valentine’s Day!  I took these (the strawberry version) to a luncheon today, and was reminded how nice it is to have a delicious treat, with no headache afterward.  These are a little […]

Banana Berry Blast

Isn’t it refreshing to have fruit for dessert?  Just cut up fruit tossed in freshly whipped cream is fun.  Or, make a gelatin salad in a plain dish or in a festive mold! This is how we make “jell-o” at our house. Sprinkle 4 packets of unflavored gelatin, or your choice of plain gelatin, over […]

Anna’s Cake

  A sweet little pun’kin I know was born about the time we started making this cake, hence the name!  And we made it over and over because it is moist, chocolaty, full of protein and pretty nice to look at too. Topped with whipped cream, shaved chocolate and fruit, I hope you’ll be as […]

After School Cookies

I hope this finds you and your family well!  Today’s post is an extension of today’s video blog post (on the videos page). First, a little more about rethinking the job you dread… I mentioned that laundry was a heavy burden to me as a young mother.  It was daunting to watch it pile up […]

Eclair Dessert Recipe!

Hey you Provo girls!  It was fun to be with you yesterday!  Thank you for coming to the 7 Steps to Family Wellness class.  I hope you found value in what we learned together. Here is the recipe for the Eclair Dessert we ate that I promised to share… It is a favorite in the […]