Bread & Breakfast

I love the fresh flavor of lemon! If you do too, I think you'll love the recipe I've been working
Hello Sweetness, I hope this day found you well! It's fall here and the air is crisp and the light
For nearly ten years, I've been hoping for a wheat-less German pancake recipe that actually tastes like German pancakes! The
My daughter-in-law shared this recipe with me last week. It certainly is a hit with all the kids in our
Ladies! A simple, healthy idea for you sent with much love and best wishes on this weekday morning... First, the
Here’s another great idea- thanks Jenny! GF cheese bread 1/2 C. tapioca starch 1 C. sharp cheese, shredded (like fresh
Here's a little video by Jenny, and her helper. I love the amaranth idea and know-how, but more than that,
Here is a flash back to 2014's post on using natural yeast. I hope you enjoy it again! Hi!  I
Are food ideas helpful to you? This was a very tasty lunch today, so I thought I'd share. Green Chili
It's a little honey, coconut oil and blueberries... Followed by warm oatmeal... Then stirred and topped with milk. How are
I love squash! Any kind! And I really like using it in recipes that call for pumpkin. Several years ago,
I love breakfast any time of the day! Here is a little oatmeal inspiration. Add in's are: -honey -coconut oil
I have a new recipe I've been working on, and I think it is pretty darn. Want to try it?
Oh, I wish you could smell this! Well, tasting it is better, because I think Asiago cheese smells, hmm, not
If you're wanting to make the flat bread (injera) I was telling you about, here are a few more tips!
This is soooo good, even if I do say so! So to the recipe first: 2 cups water 2/3  cup
A little more about teff if you please... But first I have to say that it is so much fun
This is a new recipe I tried recently, shared by my dear friend, Melissa.  She is a homemaker extraordinaire and
Do you ever ask yourself this question, "Do things have to be so hard?" In the Lioness seminar, 7 Steps
Do you like hot cereal?  It is a comfort food to me. Probably because I used to wake up to