Desserts & Snacks

'Tis the season for good food! I hope you will enjoy these recipes and know I'm wishing you a wonderful
1/2 c. brown rice, cooked1 tomato, diced1/2 c. squash, cooked1 can black olives1 c. kidney beans3 green onions, chopped1 garlic
It's not quite cherry picking time, but we're getting there! Meanwhile, I've been using the cherries we put in the
Hi, I hope you are doing well! I really enjoy creating recipes- sometimes getting things right and enjoying every bite,
I love the fresh flavor of lemon! If you do too, I think you'll love the recipe I've been working
Hello Sweetness, I hope this day found you well! It's fall here and the air is crisp and the light
Oh my sisters! I'm excited to share this new recipe with you. If you like sticky rice desserts, I think
Hello, I hope this post finds you well! Here's a little dessert or snack recipe that is packed with protein,
For nearly ten years, I've been hoping for a wheat-less German pancake recipe that actually tastes like German pancakes! The
My daughter-in-law shared this recipe with me last week. It certainly is a hit with all the kids in our
This is an approximate recipe from The Diet Rebel's Cookbook. {We have enjoyed trying their dessert recipes for special occasions!}
Here's a little video by Jenny, and her helper. I love the amaranth idea and know-how, but more than that,
It's Monday morning and here is a great idea from our kitchen coach, Jenny! {I love the flavor of coconut
When it comes to dessert, simple and small is good!   I got these little orange dessert cups at a
I guess it's the season for recipes! Ready for a simple pudding that you can use for different flavors of
Do you like no-bake cookies? I do, but I haven't wanted to use the 2 cups of sugar listed in
Yes, I am pumpkin crazy! This time, in place of pumpkin, I used butternut squash. As with the muffins, the
Ok Ladies, are you ready for yet another recipe that will help you use your garden produce, or maybe your
Do you recall this recipe from some months ago? I finally bought cashews and managed to save some from getting
It's little and it's yummy.  My friend Judy asked me a few months ago if I had ever tried eating
I got this question today and thought maybe a little brainstorming and sharing would be timely: "Can you think of
Three years ago, I posted this recipe for black bean brownies.  I re-post it today with a new topping idea
Isn't it refreshing to have fruit for dessert?  Just cut up fruit tossed in freshly whipped cream is fun.  Or,
A sweet little pun'kin I know was born about the time we started making this cake, hence the name!  And
First, a little more about rethinking the job you dread... I mentioned that laundry was a heavy burden to me
Hey you Provo girls!  It was fun to be with you yesterday!  Thank you for coming to the 7 Steps
I've been cooking pumpkin and squash like crazy!  Then I've been using it to make cookies or cheesecake or pancakes
Ready for a new brownie recipe that doesn't call for flour, refined sugar or artificial anything? Here you go! Black
Butternut squash is my new favorite! If you haven't tried it lately, you're missing out. Cut the squash in half
Hi!  I am so excited to share something new with you!  New to me, maybe new to you too...first a